12 Creative Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Make Money Online

If you are looking for a side hustle to make more money from home. Then this is the right article for you. We all want a make a lot of money and get rich, to buy what we want and to enjoy our life. If you want to earn money quick and fast, then stick with us till the end. There is more than just ten or twenty ways to earn money online.

You can earn tons of money by following one of these online earnings. We have seen people earnings tons of money online but how do they earn all those money? Are there any magical words or some kind of secret formula that we don’t know? Well there is nothing like that. They are just having many streams of income. You can also earn like them. Here are some easy and simple ways and by following them you will earn money quickly. The key thing to remember is that you have to be persistent and soon you will get the result.

You can earn money by posting google links, ads and many more other ways.

The most important part of this article is that all of these ways are scam free and are officially authorized and legal.

Simple and Easy Ways to make money online

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Consulting
  3. Freelance Writing
  4. Online Academy
  5. Sponsored Posts
  6. Completing Surveys
  7. Blogging
  8. Being an Interpreter
  9. Selling Your Books Online
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Domain Marketing
  12. Earning From YouTube

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest and best way in our list for making money online. Affiliate marketing is a process of earning commissions for selling other party’s products. This is one of most successful and passive source of income. Click here to read more:


You can start consulting online right now. In consulting you will give your opinion, analysis and recommendation about something. There are many fields like business, health, lifestyle and more where you can apply. Apply for online consulting job and get paid for a sessions of 10-30 minutes and earn lots of money. For example, people who are doing social consulting are the one who advises you on how to grow your customers using social media and how to use social media the best way possible.

If you dont have any professional skill mention not. There also people who are just listening about other people’s problems and gives them basic advice about life. And still they are earning. We are sure do can do it easily.

Freelance Writer

If you are having some good writing skills (unlike me) then working as a writer to make money online is another way for you. You can earn extra bucks by writing blogs for other organizations. A freelancer is not an employ he is a writer who get pays for writing something. Freelancer is growing tremendously fast in all over the world. There are thousands of freelancers available on the internet who are earnings hundreds of dollars. So, can you. Start freelancing and make another source of income for yourself. Fiverr is one of those freelancing platform for you.

Online Academy

You can also apply for online academies. If you are or were quite in any of your school or college subjects, you can teach them online. There are tons of online academies like w3school, KhanAcadmey, groupon who are making money by sharing online courses. Start making courses of the subject in form of video, audio even written and publish it on any platform. Soon you will start generating a new source of income.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored post is the easiest one in our list. The technique is simple and easy. Someone will give you a post sponsored by him. You can charge for each post. You can post these kinds of post on your social media account, blogging website, YouTube channel or even in your group. There are pages on Instagram who are making 5$ per shout out on their pages. In a day they are posting like 3-8 shout outs.

Complete surveys

There are numbers of online websites who are willing to pay for your surveys. Surveys on contents like videos, applications and websites can make you money. Names like survey junkies, inbox dollar, are earning stations for users. You can work as part time on this site and get some bucks. Swag bucks is one of the most famous and highly recommended site for surveys.


One of the biggest source of making money online is blogging. Blogging is spreading like fire in the jungle. There are millions of bloggers online working on their blogs. Starting a website and make customers. Sell the products to your customers. Without selling any products you can also earn with Google and Google AdSense. Click here to read more:

Be an interpreter

You can also earn by being an interpreter. If you can speak fluently any language except English than this is a job for you. There are numbers of website who will pay you for being a translator or interpreter from your home. You can be interpreter or translator and earn money form internet. You can be a translator, translating pages and conversations into different languages.

Book Sales

You can become an author and publish your books to make another stream of income. However, if you are in such state that you think no one will sponsor you… Then you have another option, write a book and upload the soft version of the book on any online stores like Powell’s books, Alibris and many other names. Always remember no one started perfect. All the famous authors J.K Rowling, Dan Brown, Robert Greene started from zero. Remember that practice makes everything perfect, so keep pushing and not only you will start making money online but also find another great career.

Social Media

Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the trending and widely spreading source of income. Promote affiliate products through the social media platform you own like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share your product and the relation and give reviews about the product. You can also make your own products or on platforms like Facebook you can display ads and make a source of income.

Domain Marketing

Domain marketing is one of the most underrated ways to earn money. However, it needs lots of creative ideas to find the best domain that can be possibly used in the future. You can create the most common and attracting domains. Buy all those domains you think are catchy and soon will be needed. When the time comes sell them all on your own prices.


And the last one make a youtube channel. You don’t need to be an expert to be a content creator to earn money from youtube. Just share the knowledge or things that you are good in, on youtube. From making small and simple videos to making a huge fan base with highly maintained video- the only thing is to start. Don’t wait for anyone start now, after ending this article make a YouTube channel and start uploading videos.

You will earn money by number of views, displaying ads and many other ways.

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All the source of incomes shown above are online and completely free. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars. Just start with any of the mentioned ways and you can have another stream of income. Once you become good in the following you can start as part time job as well which will make you a good sum of money with zero investment.

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