17 fun facts about languages that you will be shocked!

17 fun facts about languages that you didn’t know!

We have done some research about languages and we got some interesting fun facts about languages that you might like.

Least  and most alphabets

Least  and most alphabets

There are 56 alphabets in the English language. However, there are only 11 alphabets in Rotokas(Rotokas is spoken in Papua New Guinea which is an independent country near north of Australia).

The language with most letters is Khmer, which is spoken in Cambodia. Khmer is having 74 letters in its language.

Chinese letters

Chinese letters

Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) is having 50,000 characters, however, only 2000 alphabets is needed to read a daily newspaper.



the bible is the most translated book in the world. Bible is translated into 2353 different languages. After the Bible, the second most translated book is the little prince and Pinocchio

Most words

English is having the most words in its language(250,000 words).

Oldest language

Currently is the oldest language in human main kind is unknown but according to the scholars Sanskrit, Sumerian, Hebrew, and Basque are the oldest known language.

Learning Languages

Learning new Languages can make you smarter, many scientists agreed that learning another language can make a person smarter. Being Polyglot(a person who knows several languages) boosts your brain power and stops mind aging.

personality problem

Personality problem

Knowing another language can create another personality in you. The moment a person speaks another language another accent and personality change can be seen in him.

Most spoken language

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with 1.2 billion speakers
first printed book

First printed book

Bible is the first printed book which was translated in German.

Germany in Europe

Germany is most used language in Europe

language of whistle

Silbo Gomero also Known as el silbo. Which is a Spanish world means the whistle. The el silbo is a language in Spain in which the people speak in whistle.

Spanish in America

There are more Spanish speaker in America than in Spain.

Tweets of pope


pope tweets in 9 languages in twitter and Spanish are most following him.

Most used language in twitter

Most used language in twitter is Spanish, Chinese and English

Languages in Asia

There are about 2,200 languages in Asia.

“O” of French

There are 13 ways to spell the ‘o’ sound in French.

Language Problem

South Africa has 11 official languages – the most for a single country while the US has no official language.

Our question?

Is it true that human is intelligent as compared to other animals because they share their thoughts and other information? How do they transfer it? Of course by languages, so basically we can say humans are more intelligent than animals because they can speak? Give us your answer in the comment box.

So these were 17 fun facts about languages for more visit our homepage

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