12 Amazing iPhone Hidden features you didn’t know

An iPhone is capable of doing a lot of awesome things you might not have known yet. Here are some Hidden iPhone features you certainly didn’t know. Options like controlling your phone with your head, making your phone run faster than usual and so on.

Backspace option in Calculator

The first in our Hidden iPhone features is a simple app like Calculator. After all those calculation you have done, doing somethings like adding or subtracting mistakenly is common and you don’t have to rest and start from the beginning. Just swipe on the number and the magic is done.

You can also Flip your phone for extra options.

Hide your personal photo

You can hide your photos without using any app. Just select all of your photos you want to hide. After selecting press on share in the left corner. Then press the share button to Hide your photos. Your picture can be accessed through the Albums screen.

Find your lost phone

You can Use Find My iPhone feature,to find your lost phone.The feature will show you your phone on the map.

Siri as friend

You can make Siri call your nickname like your friend. You can even add nicknames for other contacts in your phone.
To make Siri call your nickname goto the contacts list. Open a contact and edit it. Add nickname infield section.

Charge it faster

Now you don’t need to wait longer just because your phone is out of juice. You charge your phone faster by just a click.
Put your phone in airplane mode and your phone will charge faster.
You can also make your phone’s battery longer and disabling your useless background apps.

Use your Phone as spirit level

You can use your phone as a spirit level. Go to your compass app and swipe left.
Now you have a spirit level in your phone.

Timer on music

One of iPhone hidden feature is that you can put a timer on the music. It’s quite simple. Go to the Clock app and slide to timer option.
Put a time to end in option, add to also end music.

Control your phone with your head

You can control your iPad or iPhone with your head movement. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control, and turn it on.
Then go to Switches > Add New Switch > Camera.
After enabling this option you can do things like; moving your head of increasing the volume.

Customize your vibrations

Go to any contact and edit it. Select on Vibration and click on Create New Vibration.

Make your phone run faster

Hidden iPhone features list has a unique way to use your phone. Did you know that you can make your phone run faster by clearing the cache files.

Update it

You can update any app easily. Hold the icon and wait for the option. Click on the update (the update option will be shown if it has new updates)

Turn the keyboard into touchpad

You can turn your keyboard into the touchpad and can easily move the cursor anywhere you want.
All you have to do is to hold lightly on the keyboard and it will change.

That all about iPhone Hidden features and we hope you liked it.

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