Basic languages and its types

Let’s have a look at the  languages and its types


Language is the basic communication between human beings. (Communications can be done by gestures, sounds or written)

languages and its types

From the ancient times or from the time when the human came into existence, the human tried to communicate with each other. First, they used hand signs and then certain acts. The more they become civilized the different sounds they started to produce. They arranged the sounds and called them “language” which is used to communicate with peoples. The interaction, change of thoughts and information exchange is called language.

Like: Arabic, English, Urdu, French, Spanish etc.

Types of languages

Normally there are three types of communication

  • Spoken language
  • Sign language
  • Written language

Spoken language

spoken language

This is the basic kind of communication. In this kind of communication, some certain sounds are involved. In spoken language, the sounds are produced by the movement of certain organs such as throat and mouth. There are about 7,000 spoken languages around the world. Among them, the most popular are Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, English and Arabic.

Sign language

hand signed language


In sign language, the communication between beings is done by hand or body movement, facial expressions or gesture.

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Written language

written language

In this, communication is done by putting some certain symbol in order to form some certain words and sentences.

people used letters in the old time but modern generation uses text message etc.

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