The best apps for iPhone right now 2019

If you are having an iPhone x or any other iPhone. If you are not using it correctly then they both are same. As the internet grows and gets bigger, the number of apps also increases.
To use your phone with its full potential here are some apps which will help you. these apps will not only make it easier to do things but also improves your user experience.

We have prepared a list of the best apps for iPhone and Hope that you like it.


The default email app for iPhone is terrible and you what make it more terrible? It is even worse when you have a Gmail account.
Install MICROSOFT OUTLOOK for the better performance and better use.

Microsoft Outlook lets you put all your account together under one platform so that you can switch between your account easily. it also enables you to attach any file directly from your Dropbox, Onedrive and other sources without having to download them to your phone.


Sometimes having multiple accounts can be a real hurdle because whenever you want to log in to of your accounts you seem to have forgotten your password for it. So you now have to reset your account using your recovery options.

Try to use these apps because in current time it’s almost impossible to remember all of your accounts names and passwords.
These apps will help you to remember and protect them.


best apps for iphone

Ever Found too many interesting articles and don’t have the time to read them all and lost them? don’t worry, Now you can use Pocket and save all the good contents you like.
And come back later to read it.

Pocket lets you save anything and from any platform you want. You can save different contents including News, Magazine articles, Recipes, Stories, and even videos.
The App also has another feature that is really handy for most people which lets you turn those lengthy into something you can listen to and put your eyes to rest for a while and listen to your favorite articles.

The App has 2 versions and the premium version includes a variety of new features like Advanced search, or unlimited highlights and automatic article backups.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat will help you to ease your pain by giving you the ability to write, draw with your fingers in your any PDF files. Adobe Acrobat is one of the most reliable apps you can use for your PDFs whether you want to edit, view or comment.

It also lets you export or convert your PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint.


This app will help you sign all of your documents. This app is easy and secure to sign the documents you want to sign. Docusign is the one of the easiest and secure apps to use when getting to eSign your documents.

It support PDF, Word, Excel, Texts and even images.


best apps for iphone

Evernote is the best app for iPhone as its the most advanced mode of notes. It helps to take notes in any form like text, checklist, voice memo, and even image. with optical character recognition (OCR) Evernote will scan the words written on the paper and make it accessible.


best apps for iphone

This app is game-changing. Grammarly is for all those who are not so good with the grammars. It will rectify the mistake of the sentences you are typing and recommends better and more suitable words for you.

Using grammarly will definitely improve your writing skills. Grammarly check for any errors in your sentences including any grammatical mistakes, Spelling and even punctuations.

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