Best Apps for Windows 10 in 2019

Microsoft has impressively improved Windows 10 lately. With the latest updates, Microsoft has done a great job helping its users use Windows 10 in an easier way. Besides the updates from Microsoft, there are a lot of other applications on the market which you can use to perform your different tasks. Most of these apps are free but a few of them expires and requires a subscription.

If you are looking for the Best Apps for Windows 10 then you have come to the right place. we have gathered some of the best apps available for Windows 10.

Best Apps for Windows 10
Best Windows 10 Apps 2019

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are fond of Photo editing or you have been using the complete version of Adobe Photoshop and now don’t want to use them or you don’t want to buy it then this App is best for you. Adobe Photoshop Express is the light version of Photoshop with plenty of great features you can use with just a few clicks.

When editing your pictures you can choose from a wide range of filter for your photos the app is simple and easy to navigate through. it also provides other features like color correction, Basic skin retouch, fixing your background having spots and even and Auto feature when you want the photo fixed instantly without editing it personally.

Best Apps for Windows 10

2. VLC Media Player

If you are a fan of watching a lot of videos, then this app must be downloaded on your computer. VLC media player is available on all of the Windows. what you have to do is simply go to the store and download the latest version of the software for better use.

The good thing about VLC is that it’s completely free and support a substantial amount of video file types which means most of the videos you play are playable and you don’t have to download any type of Codecs. Another good feature VLC media player has is that if a Video is really quiet, you can increase the volume up to 200% on the VLC which then you will surely be able to hear it clearly.

Best Apps for Windows 10
Best Apps for Windows 10

3. Hotspot Shield VPN Free

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most trusted VPN globally with 650 million users. It has 2 versions, a free version which comes with limitations like you will get a 500MB daily download cap and obviously you can’t choose the VPN’s location manually.

While the Paid version known as Hotspot Shield Elite has many features like its Ad-Free, you don’t have any bandwidth limits, you will have access to premium VPN servers and also malware protection. You can use the link below if you want to buy the Premium version of the VPN.

Best Apps for Windows 10

4. Netflix

If you are a fan of entertainment and love to watch movies on your PC then, Netflix is a great app for you to install on your Windows 10. Netflix is one of the best TV and movie series platform. Netflix has gained over 139million (According to CNN) users all around the world and new subscribers keep adding on every day.

Netflix offers a 30-day free tryout and after the 30-day ends you will have to buy the Subscription to be able to watch more. Listed Below are the 3 different packages Netflix offer to its users.

  • The Basic package will cost you $8.99 per month. This package will only allow one user to watch the shows on Netflix and doesn’t offer an HD version of the Videos.
  • The Standard Package will cost $12.99 per month. This package will allow 2 users to watch movies and different shows at a time and allows HD streaming.
  • Premium package comes last which will cost $15.99 per month. This is the only platform with the 4K HD Streaming and allows up to 4 users to watch their favorite shows simultaneously.

5. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, most people might already be using the app but if you don’t just go ahead and download the Instagram app on your PC. Instead of using the website you can use the app which is pretty user-friendly too.

When looking at a photo, you will definitely see changes in them. Computers have a bigger screen than a phone so the pictures will obviously look bigger, better and more clearer.

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6. Spotify Music

Everyone loves listening to music, while playing games or working why not also play music on your desktop? with Spotify Music, you can now play your favorite music or albums for free.

Spotify Desktop also has some great features which are not available on your Phone such as adding local files, viewing your song history, drag and drop sharing, playlist folders and editing playlist cover arts.

7. Skype

With a ton of positive reviews, Skype is one of the most prominent and popular app for chatting, video calling or group video calling etc. Skype gives you the best video calling experience with its high quality service for both video and audio. Skype has a series of features which makes it the best communication software.

These features include: calling to standard phones at a really low price, it has a phone number where people can use to call you from a landline or mobile. Another feature they have is their live translations which is of 2 types, The voice translator and the text translator. Voice translator which is available for only 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic and Russian while the text translator has over 60 languages.

Skype is already pre-installed on your Windows 10 the link is also included if you don’t have the app pre-installed or if you have uninstalled it.

8. Microsoft Sticky Notes

Another useful app for windows 10 the Microsoft Sticky notes. with the new sticky notes on windows 10 you will be able to create small notes for yourself just whenever you need them. The good thing about sticky notes is that it works well with Cortana.

if you write a date or time on your sticky note you can use it as a reminder and Cortana will remind you, if you write an address you can look up the address for the exact location, when writing a web address it will automatically be converted to hyperlinks and you can also use it to quickly note down a phone number or click to call those number on skype or any other platform doing the same task.

The Microsoft sticky notes is also a pre-installed app on windows 10 but still if you don’t have the app you can download it by clicking the link below.

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