Best Cloud Storage of 2019 Free and Paid

Cloud Storages services are taking the world like a storm with alot of people wanting to have their files uploaded online on a safe storage and don’t have to worry about losing them by getting deleted accidentally or sometimes when your hard drive gets damaged or broken so that you won’t lose your files. Although there are some security concerns which some people assume their personal files would be exposed to other people.

Cloud Storage providers offer both Free Cloud and Paid cloud storages which you can use for personal and Business use. Listed below are some of the cloud services we think is best for Storing your files.

Best Free Cloud Storage of 2019

There are a lot of free cloud storages on the internet these days and all of these cloud storages have free packages too which gives people some storage to start with where you can upload your files online. However, some of these cloud storages offer more storage and some provide lesser storage with better options.

People these days are hugely relying on cloud storages instead of their own offline storages at home. Businesses are also mostly looking for good cloud storages.

Although the paid version of the cloud storage provides a huge range of options to its users, free cloud storages do work perfectly for some users who just need a little bit of storage.

In this article we have listed some of the best Free Cloud Storage you can find.


Best Cloud Storage of 2019

PCloud offers 2GB of free storage for creating an account which is not too bad, this storage can also be expanded up to a 10GB of free storage with a few tasks, such as referring the cloud storage to a friend. Each of the referring that go and sign up for the storage will also give you 1 GB of storage. In simple words, you can add up to whopping storage of 20GB by completing simple offers.

PCloud also offers a no size limit even on the free storage which is a really good thing, you can use this offer to send large files to your friends, family or you colleagues. you can also share files with someone who is not even subscribed to PCloud.

it also has a very good and well-designed Mobile and Desktop app you can use to manage your files.

2. Google Drive

Best Cloud Storage of 2019

Another good source of free storage is the Google Drive; it gives its users 15GBs of free storage right the moment you sign up for a Gmail account which you may have already signed up for one since most people have a Gmail account.

One good thing about Google Drive is that they provide all the features that the paid version of the software has, the only thing a free version of the google drive does not have is more Storage. your Google drive is also shared with Google Photos and your email directory so that you can also sync your google photos and email directly to the cloud.

As mentioned before, google does not remove anything from the free plan that the paid subscribers get, which means that you can use you Google also support some of the third party tools.

there is also a point to be considered that google does not support Linux users. Google Drive also has some more disadvantages one of which is that Google Drive doesn’t have a referral feature where you could refer to a friend and when they signed up you could get some more free storage. there is also another drawback which is to be considered that Google Drive actually does not give you the kind of privacy that you need.

This means that Google also scans your files for viruses, Spam or any other inappropriate files.

3. Media fire

Best Cloud Storage of 2019

Media Fire gives you a total of 50GBs of Free storage to its users which starts off with a 10GBs free space. You can simply increase your 10GBs of storage up to 50GBs with referrals. You get 1GB from each of your referral and an additional 2GB of storage from installing the Media Fire Mobile Application. They also give you some additional space if you connect your social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter) for even more space. You can upload files up to 4GBs large within the free version and the only cost you have to pay is that it has short ads which you will have to bear with. Media fire also has good sharing options you can use. The Media Fire mobile app is also very user-friendly and convenient when uploading files Via an Android or an iPhone.

4. Sync

Sync is another great cloud storage which starts off with 5GBs of storage. The company says that they have an unlimited referral plan, like other cloud storages you get 1GB of storage per referral sign-ups. Although the referral has a 20GBs capacity in the beginning, once you got your 20 referrals from friends, you can also contact the company to remove the 20GBs capacity from your account. In this case the staff will review all your 20 referrals to check if they all are legit and there are no tricks going on in the background. Once the review is complete they will provide you with an UNLIMITED referral where you can get as many referrals as you are able to get from friends

another important feature Sync provides you is its No knowledge of your files. this means that you will have maximum privacy for your files as the company has Zero knowledge about your files. It also provides you the feature to password-protect your files in the free version.


MEGA used to give its users 50GBs of storage for just signing up for MEGA in the old days but not anymore. You can still get the 50GBs of storage back by completing the tasks they offer, once you download MEGA Sync you will get another 20GBs of storage while downloading the Mega smartphone app will give you another 15GBs of storage. Although this storage is only available for another 180 days.

But wait! there’s also another catch, you can still add A ton of more storage to your account through referrals. The friends you just referred the Cloud storage to needs to install the MEGA sync or the smartphone app Which will get you a massive space of 10GBs per referrals. Unfortunately, this storage also has an expiry time of 365 days.

Technically, if you can’t keep up with the referrals you will end up Paying for the pro version so that you won’t lose your files. although we don’t recommend you pay for it because there are some other cloud storages far better than MEGA.

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Best Paid Cloud Storage of 2019

Cloud storage has been trending for quite a time now, it seems that everyone is looking for storage online to store their files. According to google, cloud storage search terms has significantly increased over the past decade as more and more people are going for it.

Now finding a great Paid cloud storage is not a really easy task to do so and when it comes to paying people tend to do more research to find the better one. With plenty of options in the cloud storage business from different providers, it seems pretty hard to choose which cloud provider should you choose for your personal files or business plan.

Listed Below, we have listed some of the cloud Storages we think were the best Cloud storage of 2019.

1. IDrive

One of the reasons we have chosen IDrive on our list is it’s really easy to use. IDrive gives you continuous syncing for your files. You can restore up to 30 previous versions of the files you have backed up. Another good feature IDrive has is that it supports file sharing by Email, Facebook or twitter.

You don’t have to get worried if your files get deleted from your computer as they will not be automatically deleted from the server. It also has facial recognition feature which will help you to automatically organize your pictures in all of your linked devices.

Best Cloud Storage of 2019
Best Cloud Storage of 2019 (Paid)

Below are the Idrive’s personal and business plan.

2. PCloud

Another Good cloud storage you can use for your files is The pCloud. If you have larger files which you want backed up then, this is the service you might want to choose because it offers you unlimited size of files you can upload. You can use this feature both on your phone and Computers. For a stronger privacy, you can also choose to buy the premium package which allows you to Lock or Unlock every single file with password. In case if you change your mind and have deleted any of your files pCloud also gives you a 30 days trash history.

Another thing to consider is that pCloud also has Onetime Payment packages which means you only have to pay for the storage once and you have a lifetime of cloud storage. PCloud’s packages are also really good in terms of affordability and do not cost a fortune.

Best Cloud Storage of 2019
Best Cloud Storage of 2019 (Paid)

Prices for pCloud storages are listed below:

3. OneDrive

For those who use Windows 10, you are obviously familiar with the OneDrive cloud storage. In case you don’t know, OneDrive is pre-installed on your device you don’t have to download any type of app on your computer. You can start using Microsoft OneDrive right away. The good thing about Microsoft OneDrive is that it works really well with your Microsoft Office or Office 365. There is also a photos app which will sync all your pictures on your devices using OneDrive.

Recently, Autodesk AutoCAD has also been unified with Microsoft OneDrive which is really good for those using it.

Best Cloud Storage of 2019
Best Cloud Storage of 2019 (Paid)

Other offers include:

50GB for $3 a month

1TB for $8 a month 

Unlimited Storage for $11 a month

4. Mega

With 50GBs of storage in the free version of the Mega Cloud storage, it is one of the most famous cloud storage among them all. With the mobile app you can easily upload any file or photos, which is synced with desktop devices. Its simple UI makes it super easy to use you just have to drag and drop to upload.

When it comes to security, Mega allows you to store your files with a feature commonly called “Zero Knowledge”. They assert that while uploading your files to Mega Servers, your files are first encrypted on your device before it reaches the servers. This means that you will have full control over your files and be relaxed that your files are no longer vulnerable to other people.

You can choose from these options which one is better to buy for yourself.

  • 200GB for $6 Per month (Pro Lite)
  • 1TB for $12 Per month (Pro I)
  • 4TB for $23 Per month (Pro II)
  • 8TB for $35 Per month (Pro III)

5. Box

Box seems to be more focused on their business plans rather than personal plans. Box gives a free storage of 10GB and within the paid options you will get excellent collaboration preferences. It supports Both Office 365 and Google Docs which means your documents and other data coming from these Apps will automatically be saved in the box. Just like Microsoft One drive it also supports Autodesk AutoCAD.

As mentioned before Box is more focused on Business plans rather than Personal therefore it has one plan for starters which include 100GB of storage for $5.80 /Month.

Best Cloud Storage of 2019 (Paid)

Other Business plans include:

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the article and let us know in the comment section below if you know any better cloud service which is not listed. We would love to take a look and put it on our list.

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