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 The use of download managers has become more like a necessity these days. Downloading a file from the internet is not hard to do so. Even if you don’t have a download manager your browser would get the job done for you. You could simply download anything on your browser’s downloader.

So, what’s the need to have a download manager? Firstly, using a browser’s downloader does not always give you a speedy download. But with download manager, you can get quite a decent speed when downloading your favorite music or any other file on the internet.

Secondly, using the browser’s downloader sometimes does not allow you to pause or resume a file you’re downloading. Although this issue has been fixed lately but still a download manager provides more control over your file’s download status.

Additionally, when downloading something pausing and resuming on a browser might get the file broken and that you will have to redownload that file. A good download manager not only provides good download speed but also it allows you to download multiple files at a time with great download speeds. You can even set priorities for your downloads when downloading multiple files at a time.

Lastly, your browser’s downloader is NOT made for downloading larger files. So, using a great download manager is necessary so that you can download your files with ease. In this article, we will talk about the few Best Download Managers you can install on your PC to download your favorite music or files.

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Best Download Manager Softwares for PC

Listed below are 7 of the best download manager software we have selected. We also have included the direct download links to all the free versions of the Downloaders. Please keep in mind that some of these downloaders also provide downloading videos from popular sites like YouTube. Point to be noted is that YouTube doesn’t favor its users to download videos unless the videos are you own, and you have the permission to download them.

1. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager
Best Download Managers: Internet Download Manager

The Internet Download manager is indeed the most popular download manager software of all time. It is one of the most reliable download software you can find on the internet. It provides the best downloading speed compared to all other download managers out there.

­­Internet download manager also known as IDM is optimized to download at a very high-speed rate. If compared to the normal old browser downloaders we can say that it is ten times faster. It features queued downloading for downloading multiple files in a sequence. It also has a scheduler where you can schedule your files to be downloaded at a specific time.

Additionally, IDM also includes Pause and Resume function so that you can download anything at any specific time you want. It also ensures that your downloads are not broken by unexpected connection loss, system shutdown or restarts or maybe power outages. The only downside to Internet Download Manager is that the free version is only for 30 days and if you want to use the application further you will have to pay for it.

Although, the paid plan for the Internet download manager is not too expensive to buy. The paid plans start from $30 for a lifetime license which can be used for only one computer. We have also included a link to all the paid plans of the software you can check out for yourself or directly download the free version by clicking the download button below.

2. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager
Best Download Managers: Free Download Manager

The free download manager is an all in one Downloading software. With Free download manager or (FDM) you can simply set up batch downloading easily. The app has a very simple and handy user interface. When downloading files with FDM, it splits the file into different parts and downloads them synchronously providing you with the highest download speed you can get depending on your internet connection.

We described Free download manager as an All In One downloader because with FDM, Not only you can download files from any other website but also can download Torrent files. In addition to these features mentioned, a Free download manager is also a traffic management tool, a previewer (it means that you can preview the files you’re downloading even before its downloaded) and to sum up, it also works as a download accelerator. Since the software is open source, its completely free to download and point to be noted is that it also receives regular updates from its creators.

3. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager
Best Download Managers: Ninja Download Manager

Despite the fact that Ninja download manager (NDM) is one of the best download manager software on the internet, it also is the best-looking software you can find. Rather than going for old or traditional looks, the developers of Ninja download manager have given NDM quite a modern looking interface. If you still don’t like the theme you can still change it with the theme changer.

Looking aside from the looks Ninja download manager still has plenty of great features. one of the features (NDM) has is that its accelerator proves to be ten times faster when getting your files downloaded. To describe further, what the accelerator actually does is that it splits the file into multiple pieces, downloading them separately with different server connections making it possible to download files with maximum speed.

One feature about Ninja download manager I like the most is its preview ability. This means that when downloading a large video file, you can preview and check if the video’s quality is of your choice so that you don’t waste your time downloading the complete video. Other features include downloading multiple files simultaneously, scheduling downloads queuing downloads and pause and resume downloads. If you are a fan of YouTube or other popular video sites there is also a video converter that can be used to change the file format. To conclude, this is the best download manager if you download a lot of videos or music files.

4. Download Accelerator Plus

 Download Accelerator Plus
Best Download Managers: Download Accelerator Plus

 Here comes another great downloading software solution. Download Accelerator Plus gives you the ability to easily download files with the fastest speed possible. There is an in-app Video converter for users who downloads lots of YouTube videos that can directly be converted to audio if you wanted to. It also includes the video preview option where you can watch the videos you’re downloading. There is yet another great feature that DAP has is its Security feature which means your files will to see if they are safe before opening them.

Aside from features the app really looks good too as compared to some other download managers on the list. Lastly, they have also included a link checker to check and see if your provided link is valid for download.

5. JDownloader

Best Download Managers: JDownloader

The number five on the list for Best download managers solution is JDownloader. This software is available for three platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. One of the features most other downloaders don’t have is its automatic RAR extraction, meaning you can directly extract any RAR file.

Other features include Start, Stop or Pause downloading files. Setting up bandwidth control so you can limit every single download for better surfing while your files are getting downloaded. It also supports popular video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Keep in mind that while installing the software, it includes adware which means another application would be installed with JDownloader if you don’t unmark the additional software.

We will include a direct download to the software but if you are downloading the software from their own site, look for the download tab, choose your operating system and click on the text line written as Download 32/64bit web-installer.

6. EagleGet

Best Download Managers : EagleGet
Best Download Managers: EagleGet

Here comes another big downloader software, known as EagleGet. EagleGet is an all in one downloader application that downloads all kinds of media files. This downloader can even download torrent files. The files you’re downloading can also be scanned for viruses. Some more features of the software include scheduling your downloads, batch downloading, shutting down the computer once downloads are completed.

You can also watch on the status of your downloads without opening the application, this feature is called task monitor. When your files are downloading and EagleGet is closed, a small hovering window will appear with the details of your downloads that show how many files are being downloaded at the moment and at what speeds are they downloading.

 EagleGet’s browser extension can be installed on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. The extension works really well in detecting anything downloadable on the site and you just have to click on it to see which file you want to download.

When downloading your favorite content EagleGet also disables your computer’s Sleep mode so that the downloads are not disturbed.

7. Internet Download Accelerator

Best Download Managers
Best Download Managers: Internet Download Accelerator

Yet another considerable download manager for Windows is Internet Download Accelerator. Just like any other downloader on the list, IDA splits large files into chunks maximizing the download speed. The reason that we have added (IDA) to the list is its ability to resume broken downloads from servers like FTP, HTTPS, and HTTP.

The software also has clean management of the downloaded files where everything is sorted out in a particular category. IDA supports major Browsers including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Yandex.

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