Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019 (With Download Links)

People who have windows based systems feel the need to have an antivirus program installed on their system to protect them from Malwares or to Protect their online informations and identities.

Some people think its a waste of money to buy antivirus or just can’t afford to buy an antivirus every year, although the paid version antivirus is really good features, or a free version of it is also effective.

A Paid version of an antivirus includes features like Parental controls, protecting children online, protecting your mobile devices, protecting you online and many more features.

We have summed up the best Free antivirus for PC 2019 you can check out below:

Avast Antivirus Free

Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019
Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019

Avast free antivirus has ranked first in our article for Best Free Antivirus for 2019 as it has many great built-in features that come with it. It has scored on top of our test with best malware protection and excellent phishing protection. it also has additional features like a secure web browser and a simple password manager. it has a smart scan feature where you can scan your computer for Malware, network threats, useless browser Addons and even PC performance problems. It has a very low effect on your computer’s performance.

Kaspersky Antivirus Free

Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019
Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019

Kaspersky antivirus free has also scored really well in the test although some of the good features available in other antiviruses are not available in it. Although in free mode scan and database update are the only two available features. it also provides Safe money, privacy protection, parental control, software updater, application control, PC cleaner, privacy cleaner and some more features.

Even without these features that are not available inside Kaspersky Antivirus, it gives you the best malware protection, phishing protection and even notifies you about harmful websites. Kaspersky has a low-medium effect on your Computer’s performance. I myself have been using Kaspersky Antivirus for a while now.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019
Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019

Bitdefender Free version is also like Kaspersky free and does not provide a lot of features in it. The free version has the same malware protection as its paid version has. although it lacks some of the features that a paid version of the Bitdefender has but it still has the best virus protection that you can get.

It also has a very user friendly interface and it has a very low impact on your computer’s performance meaning you can operate heavy with the antivirus running at full.

AVG Antivirus Free

Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019
Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019

AVG Antivirus has also scored very good in the tests. with some great features with it. The antivirus provides great protection against phishing, another feature AVG antivirus has is its file shredder which you can use to delete sensitive files securely. Mashable also commented on AVG free antivirus that it is the most exact virus detector: “AVG AntiVirus FREE is near flawless with its ability to detect viruses and malware. It’s unlikely anything is getting through this.”

It also provides anytime search for Malware, Unwanted browser add-ons, and PC performance problems.

Sophos Home Free

Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019
Best Free Antivirus for PC 2019

Sophos Home free is based on business security purposes but it also has a free version that can be used on your Personal computers. The good thing is that it provides most features of its business security in the free version too. including the remote security management with up to 3 PCs. With Sophos Home free you can easily control your family member’s computer remotely and manage their security protection.

Sophos scored well in the phishing test which is satisfying but its malware Protection is not accurate.

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