Best PC Optimizer 2019, Rating and Reviews

Is your computer running slow? Are you fed up of a slow computer? Here is some best pc optimizer 2019. These optimizers also known as pc cleaner will boost up your computers speed in a few seconds.
These pc optimizing programs will make your pc run faster and more secure. This pc optimizer 2019 list is based on users who have used and also has approved. We will discuss which one is the best optimizer for windows. Which optimizer/pc cleaner you should use. Is there any paid optimizer?

Using one of these PC cleaners you can easily make your computer run faster. The process is done by deleting all those useless files, caches(browser caches, email caches and many more), large junk files and so on. All of the following optimizers/ pc cleaners are available in trail and pro version. As shown in the table below.

Most of the time our computer gets slower day by day. The reason behind the computer getting slow is registry file. Deleting those files can make your pc unbootable and without deleting your computer won’t be optimized. These are not just optimizers for windows or mac. So, the list for pc optimizer 2019 will help you to run your computer faster and smoother. The following applications are not free and may cost a little.

Overall viewperformanceFeaturescustomer serviceFree versionPaid version
IOLO System Mechanic4.5554available 49.95$
Piri CCleaner44.545 available 29.95$
Ashampoo Winoptimizer4.154.54.5 available 29.99$
Advance system optimizer5444.5 available 39.95$
iobit cleaner4.5445available 22.95$

1) IOLO System Mechanic 18

The first in our list for pc optimizer 2019 is IOLO system. IOLO System Mechanic removes junk files and unwanted apps. It helps to clean/clear RAM, browsers history and caches. When it comes to cleaning RAM, no one does it better than IOLO. It also detects all those files who are slowing your PC’s performance and gives the option to delete them all.

Iolo helps to clean all the junk files, speed up your computer and fixes system faults. It also helps you to protect your privacy. It is also useful in helping to improve internet speed. It can also solve problems like bloatware and other problems like malware. IOLO also has the option to given backup your windows registry.  

With all these useful tools still, iolo system is still easy to use. With a single click, the program starts to clean the entire computer. There is also a free/trial version for a few days. However, still, when the program starts it will bring some work for your CPU. Users of IOLO System Mechanic are satisfied and also recommends others.

For more visit their official site:


  • Helps to clean browsers, ram, hard drive and many more
  • Cleans ram magnificently
  • detects files slowing your computer
  • protects privacy
  • supports different platform


  • heavy for small/old computers

2) Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the most common and popular names in optimizers. It will help you to free a large chunk of space on your computer. Piriform has a trial and full version. Piriform CCleaner helps to clean/delete temporary files, cleans browsers cache and removes unwanted caches. It can clean your browser like chrome, safari, and firefox. The app is also protecting the user’s privacy and data.

The CCleaner will ensure you for the safe internet surfing. However, when it comes to versatility CCleaner is not a bright option. CCleaner will amazingly accelerate your pc speed. This is one of the best registry cleaners in the market. It has a user-friendly interface with fast cleaning speed.

It also frees up space on your computer. According to users review Piriform CCleaner even cleans the drive in such a way that you can notice the changes in hard drive. If your computer is cluttered with redundant programs and files and you cannot delete them manually trying Piriform CCleaner is the best for you.

Piriform is super small in size (+10 MB) and also supports Operating Systems like mac (macOS10.6 to 10.13 High Sierra). In windows, you can download and install using data in MBs. Piri is light and comes for platforms like android, windows, and macOS. It also gives the option to delete the history. However, in case of deleting useless files instead of choosing all of them you have to choose one by one. Here some CCleaners plan.

CCcleaner plan
CCcleaner plans

For more visit the official site:


  • Can clean hard drive, and browser
  • Quick start up
  • Few errors
  •  Supports different platform
  • Small size


  • To clear files, have to delete one by one
  • Not so versatile

3) Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018

This app won’t only clean up temporary files and cookies but also is user-friendly. It is easy and reliable to use. It makes your pc like new and also gives you privacy protection on windows 10. Privacy protection is one of the key feature Ashampoo is having. If you have ever deleted one of your files, this will help you to restore your file. With Internet cleaner, you can clean your internet traces.

Ashampoo has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Due to the simple design, it makes for users super easy to handle.
Ashampoo has three main features

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018 three options

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018
  • Auto-Clean
  • Live-Tuner
  • Game-Booster

The Auto Clean helps to clean automatically the file coming from browsers and applications.

Live Tuner will clean and terminate file which produced while launching an app.

Game Booster will terminate the background applications which are not essential. Once you stop the game this option will close all the useless applications.

This application has also Blue and Dark Blue interface. You are free to choose the one you prefer. However, most of the users also are fed up of the extra features like internet cleaner which they thing are extra and don’t need it.

For more visit their official site:


  • Have all the three options
  • Protects your privacy
  • Simple and user friendly


  • Have to purchase some feature

4) Advance system optimizer

Since 1999, Advance system optimizer is optimizing most of the computers. This is the best option for day-to-day uses. It will diagnose your computer will improve the performance of your computer for sure. You can easily recognize the change in videos, graphics and other uses. The advance system deletes all the junk and useless files on your computer. The advance optimizer is one of the best options for all the windows users. With advanced system optimizer, you will have more space in your hard drive with faster speed. It can easily free up space in your computer up to 5-6 GBs.

Advance optimizer is a great tool for gaming too. You can change your computer with a single click into a gaming machine with the help of game optimizer feature. The advance optimizer doesn’t affect the frame rate in your game, unlike all other optimizers. The advance optimizer couldn’t satisfy their customer’s cause of its price and function. The categories in advance system optimizer are highly organized in this app. Advance system optimizer is the last in our list of pc optimizer 2019.

For more click here:


  • Improves performance
  • Best for windows users
  • Frees up space in hard drive


  • Needs pro version to erase most of the junk files

5) Iobit

iobit optimizer
iobit optimizer

The last in pc cleaner list is Iobit optimizer. This optimizer works great on boosting and securing your internet speed. There are many reviews made on internet protection by the Iobit optimizer and all of them are positive. There is a great thing about this optimizer- you can customize your optimizer. It means that Iobit allows the users to customize their interface.
With the latest updates, it makes it, even more, faster and secure to use. The latest version has made this app to clean the junk files even deeper. Iobit has 24/7 customer services for its users and some special options. You can use widgets given by this app on your screen. The widget is present on the screen and shows the percentages of ram and hard being used. There is a disadvantage to this app. Before customizing it, many users gets confused due to its confusing icons and categories. Out of all these optimizers, Iobit has the cheapest plan as shown below.

iobit plan
iobit free and pro plans


  • secure internet connection
  • customizable interface
  • cool widgets


  • most of the option are present only for pro version
  • Confusing interface for the starters

For more visit their homepage:


The optimizers shown above are quite efficient in their prospective works. As we discussed above some optimizer are great with registers and some with ram and hard drive. Some are the best windows optimizers while some can be for macOS. Some optimizers are great with increasing performance while some are great to protect your computer. In list, some of them are free optimizers while some are paid optimizer. In short, it depends according to your need. You have to choose the best optimizers according to your need.

And that was the list for best pc optimizer 2019. Did we miss anything? Is there any other optimizer that you think we need to add? Any kind of suggestion, ideas are appreciated. Use the comment section as much as you can. Click here if you are confused which operating system is for gaming.

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