Best Photo Editor for Mac 2019(Free and Paid versions)

We have plenty of applications for photo editing on Mac. The applications are used to edit our personal or professional pictures. But the real question is, which one is the best photo editor for Mac OS? The application should worth to spend your precious time and money on it.

Best photo editor for mac 2019 list

The app must complete all the things or features you want in it .

Before starting the list, we should first have a look at what are we going to observe. The apps should have a better design, color correction, retouching, and should be user-friendly.

The list is divided into two groups. The first group is about free applications and the second part of the list may ask a little from you.

  • Luminar
  • Pixelmator
  • Affinity Photo
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • DxO
  • Gimp
  • Fotor

Luminar 3

whether you are an amateur or professional the Luminar is one of the best options for you. With the huge number of templates, you can easily make cards, leaflets, and invitations. Give a little time on Luminar on any project and soon you will realize, what an amazing kind of changes you are making in that project. We have seen many users using Luminar for a trail but soon became a Luminar lover.

It is much easier to learn curves with Luminar than any other applications. The more time you spend the more you will realize that the presets and filters of the Luminar is a small part of Luminar.

Another extremely good feature of Luminar 2018 is you can work on multiple images at a time. Just click on the + button on the layer panel and add new layers. Start working on both layers at a time.

Above 60 styles made by the professional photographers makes it more likely to be in our list of best photo editor for mac. Click below to download Luminar.


Pixelmator is best supporting app for Mac OS Mojave. The app is neat and simple in design. Pixelmator has clear tools to do certain tasks. Combining two pictures is the basic work of this application.

photo editor for mac Pixelmator

This application is extremely good for combining two pictures and make them one. It looks like adding two pictures and making it one the job of Pixelmator. You can also search the layer you want on Pixelmator. Pixelmator gives you the option to search and find the best layer for yourself.

With more colorful SVG fonts you can create new vibrant designs and characters. This powerful program will help the users like you and me to sketch, draw, color and add shapes. Another amazing thing about Pixelmator is that it is a one-time payment. It means that no monthly subscriptions.

Pixlemator is constantly trying to make things simpler for the users as compared to another application.

Affinity photo

Affinity photo is so easy to use and wants less space for the installation. This application is affordable as compared to other apps in price and all easements. Affinity Photo is segregated from all the other photo editors because of its special feature called “smart Assistant”.

Smart assistant provides you useful tips and also directs you about your layer, brush, adjustment behavior. Another great thing in affinity photo is layers about layers. Like you choose between vector or raster layers. You can also mask or rearrange the layers.

photo editor for mac affinity photo
Affinity Photo

With affinity photo panning and zooming in photo sized up to 50fps can be done easily. Affinity can blend images by focusing on multiple areas for greater and better depth.

This app has a drag and drop option to organize layers and 42+ filters just for you. 42+ Filters will make your photos better for sure. Affinity photo lacks in features organizing but still offers several editing tools. With the tools, you can your simple photos into professional.

Photoshop Light room cc

Of course, the list is empty without any Adobe product in the list of best photo editor for mac. One feature I personally like in Adobe Lightroom there is Digital Asset Management or DAM. DAM helps you to store your data in adobe creative cloud app where you can access your data any time. Adobe DAM provides up to 1TB storage in Adobe cloud for the users. Wanna know best cloud storage of 2019. Click here!

Adobe Lightroom has a feature named as pet eye remover. The pet eye remover works the same as red-eye remover but for a different purpose. The pet eye remover makes the unlikely green eye color of your pet due to flashlight into something more attracting and really beautiful.

There numbers of artists working on this program making eye-catching images. With Adobe, adjustment tool turns the image color and look the way you want. Everyone is familiar with Adobe and Lightroom is the latest version of it. So you might guess what kind of application it is.

DxO Photo lab

photo editor for mac DxO Photo
DxO photo lab

Bringing softness to your picture is one of the basic features of this app. DxO has features like “magic eraser” who can delete all the unwanted things like background, people and many more. With a single click, you export huge and numbers of files in DxO.

The magic eraser deletes it in such a manner that you won’t be able to find the traces of the things that are vanished from the picture. DxO has also feature named Clearview plus. Clearview plus helps to increase local contrast and removes haze from the picture. It means that after applying the Clearview plus you can see things more clearly than before.

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The user’s interface might look a little bit old but the work will give the chills of modern application. With DxO, you can have some amazing touch in color corrections and can enhance your image at any step.


If you are a beginner than we don’t recommend this app. This app is quite hard for beginners but once you get used to it you will find out all the amazing features of this application. This application is quite interesting for users who are using it for a long time. With Gimp you can do some unique things that most of the applications cannot.

With Gimps you can do the picture enhancement. For example, A picture is taken and the picture is a bit out due to perspective distortion normally caused by the lens. The app will adjust the picture the way you want. You can also customize the application according to you. You can personalize the user interface according to your need or want.

Gimp will help you to optimize your photo for the purpose of online usages. Gimp also has the option of making Gifs and can import PDF files and raw formats from any camera. In terms of budget, Gimps is also at the front line. If you want to save money and change your Adobe Photoshop, then Gimp is for you.


Fotor is having two versions Fotor and Fotor pro. The pro version is the subscribed version where you will have extra options but even the simple version of Fotor is the best option for us.

Fotor is having some straight-forward editing options which allow you to make your masterpiece in a moment of time. Collage is an option in Fotor from you can add several pictures in one. You can also adjust the intensity and color of the image in Fotor.

There is a feature named photo editor. The photo editor is basically the online version of Adobe Photoshop. The app is pretty good with the retouching like increasing highlight, changing the makeover and many more.

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Fotor also provides options in designing like making a personal wallpaper for yourself is an easy option in Fotor.


If you are a Mac user and trying to find a photo editor for mac than we suggest you Luminar. Luminar has more options and is easy to work with. However, if you want something in the budget than Gimp is another option for you.

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