Best Solid State Drives (SSDs) for your PC

There have been numerous Best Solid State Drives (SSDs) since they have been introduced. In this article, we have compiled all the information and have made a complete guide you will need when buying an SSD.

What is an SSD? Why Should You Choose to Buy one in the first place?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. it is a type of storage with the capabilities of reading or writing data a lot faster than a hard drive. A hard drive has spinning disks which consist of a read/write head with a mechanical arm called actuator.

Not similar to HDDs, an SSD is a non-volatile memory that stores data on solid-state flash memory. Additionally, an SSD consists of 2 main segments: A flash controller and NAND Flash Memory chips.

Choosing from Different form Factors of an SSD

SSDs come in different shapes, sizes, and even connector types. Before buying an SSD you have to know which form factor is supported by your PC or which one is best suited. Therefore, Listed below is a little bit of information including the different types of SSDs available on the market.

Best SSDs

1. The 2.5 inch SSD:

This type of SSD is the most common type of SSD you can find in the market. However, they have the same size as a mechanical drive (HDD) and fits right into the same slot as your HDD.

Best SSDs

2. The M.2 SSD:

In short, this type of SSDs are thin memory sticks and fits onto the motherboards having an M.2 slot or connector

Best SSDs

The U.2 SSD:

This SSD was previously known as SFF-8639. The U.2 interface connects to PCIe connector lanes on the motherboard instead of going through the SATA interface. This type of SSD usually costs more and tend to have a higher capacity.

Best SSDs

4. The Add-in Card Or (AIC):

This type of SSD is specifically designed for desktops. They are plugged into the motherboard’s PCI-express slot. these SSDs are one of the best and fastest SSDs you can buy.

Choosing the Best SSD for Your PC

Before we dive right into choosing Which SSD is best for you. Let’s have a little chat about the differences between an SSD and the Old Traditional Hard Drives. If you are building a new PC for any type of purposes whether you are building one for Gaming or assembling it for professional editing. Or you opt to build one for your office use, the first that’s coming your way is that you begin to notice the speed of your PC.

In this case, if you have chosen to go for the Old Traditional Hard drives, Your Computer will suffer from longer boot ups, Files taking longer to open or being saved or opening an application takes longer to load.

Basically, this means that using a Hard drive will take up longer load time. By choosing to use Solid State Drives you will have a huge boost with the load time of your computer. Not only the load times but also any other activity you will do on your computer would perform much faster than you would expect. Even if you are gaming you will notice a performance difference within your game.

You could still go for a COMBO build or upgrade for your PC in case you have a lower budget. This means you can buy an SSD with a lower budget with lower storage space for your Boot drive and frequently used applications or games and get a Traditional Old HDD for Mass Storage.

The Best Solid State Drives (SSD) are:

  1. Samsung 970 Evo Plus
  2. WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD
  3. Samsung 860 Pro SSD
  4. Crucial MX 500 SATA SSD
  5. WD Blue SSD Drive
Best Solid State Drives For your PC
Samsung Best Solid State Drives For your PC

1. Samsung 970 Evo Plus

Perfectly PricedWrite Speed Slows down Under Load
Top Performance
5 Years of warranty

If you have decided on building a new High-End PC for purposes like a good gaming rig or for some professional editing then, your PC’s motherboard will most likely have PCIe 3.0 or M.2 Slot which is needed to use this SSD.

If your PC doesn’t have an M.2 Slot, you can still get a PCIe card to use this type of SSD. The Samsung 970 Evo Plus is one of the latest SSDs made by Samsung. With the prices being brought down by Samsung as compared to the Samsung 970 Evo and 970 Pro it is doing pretty well.

If we compare the 970 Evo and the 970 Evo Plus, the 970 Evo plus can write at a maximum speed of 3300 MB/s while the 970 Evo is maxed out at around 2500MB/s. The Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSDs are available starting at $89 for 250GB, $129 for 500GB $250 for 1TB and around $600 for 2TB of Storage.

Best Solid State Drives For your PC
Western Digital Black SN750 NVMe SSD – Best Solid State Drives For your PC

2. Western Digital Black SN750 NVMe

Insanely Fast Write Speed
Perfectly priced as compared to competitors
Has 5 years of Warranty

The WD Black SN750 is definitely the top-performing SSD ever made by Western Digital. Not only this is the fastest SSD by WD but also one of the Best SSDs which is on the market.

Most of the times if something is really of good quality or top-performing, it is also expensive. But WD’s SN750 is more like a budget SSD but with insane speed. The Western Digital’s SN750 is really affordable with Prices starting as low as $79 for 250GB, $129 for 500GB and $250 for 1TB of storage.

Best Solid State Drives For your PC
Samsung 860 Pro SATA SSD – Best Solid State Drives For your PC

3. Samsung 860 Pro 1TB

Fast Write SpeedPrices are High
5 years of Warranty

The 860 Pro SATA SSD features a 64-Layer V-NAND technology with a speed of around 560MB/s and 540MB/s for read and write. Samsung has claimed that its new MJX controller paired with a 64-Layer 3d flash gives the 860 pro SSD in increased speed, compatibility and reliability.

The 860 Pro SSD is available between 250GB up to 4TB of Storage. The pricing for 860 Pro starts at around $139 for 256GB, $250 for 500GB, $479 for 1TB and $950 for 2TB. There is also a 4TB option available for a ridiculously high price of $1899.

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Best Solid State Drives For your PC
Crucial MX500 SATA SSD – Best Solid State Drives For your PC

4. Crucial MX500 SATA SSD

Impressive performanceLesser Endurance
5 years of Warranty
Affordable Price

The Crucial MX500 SATA SSD has impressive performance for a SATA drive. If prices are to be compared, the MX500 has excessively competitive price. Not only the price range of this SSD is great, but also it is one of the top-performing SATA SSDs you can find.

Cheaper products often come with a downfall like some lower quality but in this case, the only downrange the MX500 has is the endurance points. It is estimated that the memory cells would start to degrade after 180 terabytes. Additionally if compared to any of Samsung’s SSDs it is comparably lower. Samsung is estimated to last about 600 (TBW) on the 2TB drives.

Best Solid State Drives For your PC
Western Digital Blue SSD – Best Solid State Drives For your PC

5. Western Digital Blue SSD Drive

DurableAverage Speed
Very Affordable Price

If you are on a budget build or want to buy an SSD with a good price but higher capacity, The WD Blue SATA SSD drive is for you. The Western Digital’s Blue SATA SSD is specifically designed for those who have a lower budget.

Its Price per GB is relatively lower than any of the other SSDs available on the market.WD Blue comes in four capacities starting with 250GB, 500 GB, 1TB and 2TB of storage. It is also available in two form factors (2.5-inch drive or the M.2 SSD).

In conclusion, the performance of the SSD is pretty average and the fact that it has made our list of best solid-state drives (SSD) is the competitive pricing. This was the cheapest price SSD I could find on the internet.

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Firstly the demand for SSDs growing higher and higher every day. Secondly, The performance and prices getting really competitive between major brands. I can’t find a reason not buying a Solid State Drive. If compared to a few years back, SSDs now cost a lot lesser.

In conclusion, SSDs have gotten as cheap as it can get. You can now buy a 512GB SSD with a price equivalent to 128GB SSD a few years back.

I hope this article helped you guys. If you liked the article like and also comment on your opinions about it.

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