Best VPN Services for Mac in 2019

Cybercrimes are increasing day by day. The security is changing into a major issue for the users. We have searched and found some of the best VPN for the great user like you. The following VPN will make sure to take care of that. These VPNs are the best VPN for Mac Operating systems. The following VPN is open source supporting software which will protect your privacy and all of your data. All of the VPN given below are OpenVPN or support them.

VPN is a private network who provides fast, easy and secure connections. All the security and privacy problems will be solved after installing one of the following VPN. The list is based on best and fast VPN for you and your mac. They are the best VPN software’s available on the internet. VPN like Nord will make sure to have fast and secure streaming of your favorite series or movie. Now, you can have a secure internet connection with the option to access the region-restricted websites.

What is a VPN?

VPN also is known as “virtual private network”. The VPN helps the users to have a secure and private connection. VPN is used for the business and privates uses. The VPN will ensure you a better internet in terms of security. With your I.P being hidden it will make hell for others to get into your system without your permission.

hotspot shield

Hotspot shield is one of the most popular and trusted VPN on the internet. Hotspot shield is a software supporting multiple devices at a time. It means that you can use up to 5 devices at a single time on a single account. The hotspot is having no logs and needs no account to use it. With a single click, your internet connection is secured and you can use all you want. The hotspot is easily on the top in terms of best and fastest speed providers in all VPN software. Major competitors like Avast, Nord and many more have failed to beat hotspot shield.

hotspot shield option for Best VPN for Mac
Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield will protect your mac from downloading malware files. Another great thing about hotspot shield is that hotspot shield is also having an extension for browsers like Safari, Chrome and even Firefox. A hotspot can support multiple operating systems like Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac. It can be used on different devices like phone, tablet, and computer. This app is simple, reliable and allows to download from torrent. The hotspot is having a simple but creative user interface. As a personal experience (I have used for three years) I admire this app the most.

VPNs like hotspot are having great customer policies. Features like live tech support are handy on the days of need. Live tech support is available 24/7 for the customers’ support. 2500 servers in 25 countries is a wide connection provided just for customers. However, hotspot shield works best with its premium version. Another problem hotspot is having is that it comes with numbers of ads.

Hotspot Shield is having a trail and a full (premium version). The trial version allows to use the app for 7 days and expires. The premium version can be subscribed for one; three; six months and even one year. 15.99€ for a month is a little bit too much as compared to other VPN. But in the end, it is not worth to put your data and privacy on risk? What do you think? Write down in the comment section.

Hotspot Shield plans
Hotspot Shield plans
multiple devices at a time Costly subscriptions
One click solution Lots of ads
Best speed
Protects from malware
Supports torrent
Has extensions for browsers
Live tech support

Click here to visit their official site:

Express VPN

Express VPN option for Best VPN for Mac
Express VPN

The Express VPN is a top pick for most of the Mac users. The app is having zero lagging and logs at all. No logs mean no more storing of user’s activity like browsing history, data content, traffic destination or DNS queries. Express VPN is easy to install and easy to use. The user interface is simple and easy for the users. You can connect up to three devices at a time.

With secure and high speed, Express VPN is becoming most Mac users first choice. Express VPN is having strong encryption and up to 94+ servers which make it, even more, harder to get leaked. Express helps you to connect to the nearest location available in a single click. Express VPN supports all device and works great with phone systems like Android and iOS apple. With excellent client support, it makes it even a better option for the users to keep their name in mind. Expressvpn is kind of expensive in terms of monthly subscriptions as compared to other VPN.
Expressvpn is kind of expensive in terms of monthly subscriptions as compared to other VPN.

Express VPN plans
Express VPN plans
No LogsSupports only 3 devices at a time
Simple and easyCostly subscriptions
High speed
Strong encryption
94 + servers to use

Click here to visit its official site:

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is having double encryption process. In this process, the app encrypts an already encrypted message using the same algorithm. With multiple encryptions and no log makes it more reliable and secure for you. Nord VPN is having some interesting features. Features like an ad blocker and kill switch makes it easier and more reliable to a user to use. The ad blocker will block all those annoying ads from different sites. Nord VPN is having some well-designed and consistent user inference for its users.

Nord VPN option for Best VPN for Mac
Nord VPN

Nord has highly focused on its flexibility. With 61+ servers and wide server network, it makes it more available for the users. Nord is having really fast streaming speed for you. Now with nord, you can watch hours of Game of Thrones without any interference like ads, slow speed, security problems. Grab your popcorn and get ready to watch hours of Netflix without any kind of disturbance.

The monthly subscription will charge 11.95$ and many more amazing packages as given below.

Nord can support up to 6 devices at a time and with 24/7 customer services, it makes it more trustworthy. However, Nordvpn is not available in countries like China. There is no clear background about Nord which makes it kind of uncertain for us to suggest you. Most of the Nord VPN users also have problems with money refund. The users are who have used the process of 30 days’ refund but the refund is not done within 24 hours. The refund may take from 1 up to 7 days. It may look not a big deal but certainly, it is not the very good user experience we thought you should know.

Multi encryptionRefund delay
No logNot available in China
Adblocker and kill switchUnknown background
Fast streaming
Supports up to 6 devices

Read more about them:

Proton VPN

Proton VPN option for Best VPN for Mac
Proton VPN

Proton VPN is having some exceptional security and privacy for users. Makers of Proton VPN has made a giant map feature will allow users to use drag and drop option. The “quick connect” button will connect protect you with one click. With one click you can connect to one of the 345 servers you want.

One of the other great things about proton is that proton is available for all the operating systems. Proton is having some brilliant subscription offers for you. It takes 4$ monthly for monthly subscriptions with 30 days’ money back feature. If you are not willing to pay any amount, then worry not. There is also a free version available for you.

There are some faults like all other apps. The first things which strike on Proton VPN image are that it supports only one device at a time. There is no speed limit for Proton but still, Proton doesn’t allow the users to use torrent. Like all the VPN above, Proton has limited device compatibility.

High security and privacy policiesOne device at a time
345 serversNo torrent support
Budget subscriptionsLimited device compatibility
Giant map feature

Click here for more info:

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear optiion for Best VPN for Mac
Tunnel Bear

This is a great VPN for all European users. It supports up to 5 devices at a time. Tunnel Bear is super easy to use for new users Tunnel bear is having some strict no-logging policy. The policy is followed by one of their extensions of tracker-blocker. The tracker-blocking extension stops the trackers to track you. There is also a tunnel bear extension for your browser. For all the Europe users, Tunnel bear is a gift from God. The VPN works amazingly fast for all the users in Europe. Tunnel Bear has fast streaming speed, especially for Europe areas. All you have to do is a click and the tunnel bear starts tunneling to other countries.

Tunnel bear allows torrent and with anonymous IP gained by the VPN is a feature to remember. Even though, few servers in few countries (22) is not a vast option for the users. With friendly user interference and unique features, Tunnel bear is one of a kind. Using the Ghost Bear feature will make your data less detectable to business, government and many more. The other feature of Tunnel bear is Vigilant Bear which is used to keep your location and data privacy secure. However, don’t try to use the Ghost bear or Vigilant Bear in your mac or pc if your Tunnel bear is already connected to the server. Normally on trial/free version, the VPN gives 500MB for a month and if you are streaming daily than it will end in a few days. However, with the premium version, you will have unlimited data.

Tunnel Bear plans
Tunnel Bear Plans

Which one do you want? write down in the comment section.

Easy to use500Mb for trail
No loggingShould buy premium
Other added features
Supports up to 5 devices

visit tunnel bears official page:


VYPR option for Best VPN for Mac

VYPR is an easy app used to hide your IP. Vypr is having some strict privacy policy for users. The app doesn’t store a single data about user’s activity, not even for a single day. Vypr also stops all the unwanted traffic to you don’t want. This VPN also supports nat firewall and has servers in 70 countries. Vypr is a secure and reliable VPN for most of users. If you are in China, then you are doing to face lots of downtimes. The users in China have lots of complain about downtime. When it to economic VPN server then VYPR is best the option for you. There are some amazing offers for the subscription.

In vypr, you cannot expect to stream videos as fast as hotspot shield or express. The VPN is slow as compared to other VPN. In Vypr you cannot pay as an anonymous person. There should be detailed information about you to get registered.  The subscription plans will change some of the features.

VYPR plans
VYPR plans
Strict privacy policySlow streaming
Supports nat firewalllots of down time in specific locations
Economical pricescan’t pay anonymously option for Best VPN for Mac VPN an awesome app used to hide your IP and encrypt your data. There is no log in this VPN. Hideme is very easy to use even for amateurs. There is guaranteed privacy for its users. There are no ads on VPN and you can access up to 5 devices. Kill switch is present for mac and windows users. You cannot access to Streaming platforms like Netflix and BBC iplayer. also many forms of payments like PayPal, credit and even cryptocurrency. With the use of cryptocurrency, it creates an option of payment anonymously. also enable different types of VPN protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP and PPTP. All of these servers is a way to connect to servers and to protect your privacy. is having below average speed. The downloading, uploading and even streaming is not so good.

No LogCannot stream Netflix and BBC iplayer
Easy to useSlow speed
Access up to 5 devices
Accepts cryptocurrency

for more visit their official site:

Private VPN

Private VPN is a product of quality but in a suitable budget. The best option for fast speed and secure servers for your mac has to be private VPN. Private VPN has 3307 servers in 32 countries. It protects your identity and your data within a few clicks. You can access 10 devices at a time with private VPN. 

private VPN option for Best VPN for Mac
private VPN

With a secure VPN account and ultimate bandwidth enjoy your internet freedom. Private VPN is not quite perfect, especially for mac but still, the Private VPN is working to make better and better. The main target of private VPN is to make sure users are amazingly satisfied with the VPN. The main problem about private VPN is that it is based in Sweden. And according to Sweden’s user-friendly policy, they are keeping logs. It means that they are keeping details about your history, browsing, search term, etc.

Fast and secureKeeps logs
3307 servers in 32 countriesNo anonymous payment
accessible up to 10 devices

Click here to visit their official page:

Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN
Bitdefender VPN

The Bitdefender is having some enterprise-level protection system. With well user interference and normal speed, Bitdefender is in our list for best VPN for Mac. Well managed security and amazing customer services bit defender is challenging other VPN apps. However, Bitdefender is having slow streaming, downloading and uploading speed as compared to other VPN.

Bitdefender has nice features, like anonymous identity, kill switch and connects up to 5 devices. And with the unlimited bandwidth it even cooler to use. The VPN app is available for all the operating systems like windows, android, macOS, and iOS but the Linux users are not having this app. There is no Linux version of Bitdefender on the market. There is no browser extension and it even cannot stream some top streaming sites. Like Netflix, amazon prime video and more. You are also not allowed to use torrent on Bitdefender.

However, when it comes to budget packages Bitdefender is on top. Here are some offers below.

Bitdefender VPN
Bitdefender VPN
High-level protectionslow speed
Supports up to 5 devicesnot available for Linux
Kill switch with unlimited bandwidthno extensions
can’t stream Netflix and Amazon prime videos

 Click here to visit their official site:

Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel VPN
Private Tunnel VPN

It protects you from accessing the wrong site having malware and viruses. A private tunnel can support only 3 devices at a time. Servers from cities like Chicago, London, New York are tested to stream Netflix but failed in the end. The private tunnel is having 50 servers in 12 countries but still, work amazingly fast. This can be a problem if the server gets crowded than the speed will get affected too. The other problem with the private tunnel is that it doesn’t support torrent as well.

private tunnel plans
private tunnel plans

You can see the plans for private tunnel above.

Stops malwareNo torrent and Netflix
Fast speedLow number of servers

Click here to visit their official site:


These all are the best VPN software for mac but which you should choose depends on you.  We can say that for the purposes like streaming, download and upload Hotspot shield and Express VPN are the best options. However, if these two are out of your budget(costly) then we recommend you VYPR. With low budget supportive nat firewall, it can be a good option.

And this was our list for Best VPN for Mac. Let us what have missed? Where do you think about our research and reviews on mac VPN? Write down in the comment section.

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