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Have you been looking for some great Youtube video downloaders but can’t find a reliable one? or Have you been looking for how to download YouTube Videos? Here at Ontechnic, we have compiled some of the best YouTube downloaders you can find with their direct download links so that you can easily download and install them on your PC. These programs are pretty easy to use and don’t require any special requirements all you need is a fast internet speed to download YouTube videos in no time. There are lots of YouTube downloaders on the internet but we have selected a few of the best and most reliable ones here in this article.

Firstly, talking about YouTube most people like to listen to music or watch videos all the time or whenever they have the time to as it is quite entertaining. Having a good YouTube video downloader is the better choice because sometimes people don’t have access to the internet or maybe traveling. and that’s where YouTube downloaders come to the rescue.

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and also the biggest video hosting website of all time and of course all around the globe. Even I visit the site so many times a day and enjoy watching videos there. Sometimes when you have slow internet, watching YouTube videos can be a real struggle as the streaming takes a lot of time.

Download Best YouTube Video Downloader software for your PC

In this part of the Article Ontechnic has listed the best youtube Video downloaders for your pc with reliable download links from their official pages. This also includes the latest updates for the software provided by the application developers.

With YouTube downloaders, you can simply download your favorite videos and watch them without any hassle or even add those videos to the download queue and have them downloaded overnight while you sleep.

Although you can also use these YouTube downloader software to download videos not only from YouTube but also from other websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, etc.

1. 4k Video Downloader

Best YouTube Video Downloaders:  4k Video Downloader
Best YouTube Video Downloaders: 4k Video Downloader
Wide range of Video FormatsWe didn’t find any particular disadvantages
Supports 3D and 360-degree Video downloads

4k Video Downloader is one of the best tools to download videos from YouTube it has a very simplistic interface and is easy to use. Another good thing about the app is that it’s Ad-Free so you won’t be bothered by a ton of ads popping up on your screen.

4K Video Downloader gives you 2 options to download videos from YouTube the complete playlist or a single video whichever you prefer to download (although the playlist has a limit of 24 Videos at a time)

Looking up in the preferences you can see that it is highly customizable. In the preferences menu you will come across an option called Intensity, You can increase or decrease this option to speed up your downloads but if you are to increase the intensity to boost speed it might put you at risk of getting your IP address banned by YouTube as we mentioned before that it is forbidden by YouTube to download videos from it. You can still use a VPN.

4K Video Downloader has a premium subscription that will allow you to download a larger number of songs or videos in a playlist instead of only 24. It also allows you to download playlists with captions. Personal License costs a One-time Payment of $15 that works for 3 computers.

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2. Winx YouTube Downloader

Youtube Video Downloader
Best YouTube Video Downloaders: Winx YouTube Downloader
Supports Full HD Video Downloads Does not support 360-degree video downloads
Enables you to download in most file types
Can download videos from 40+ Sites.

Watching Videos on YouTube is like an addiction and when People watch some of the videos you are interested in, people tend to feel the urge to download some of those hilarious or great videos just to watch later offline. Or when people are learning about something they simply download the next lesson to watch later when they have the time.

WinX YouTube Downloader has a simplified look which is almost very easy to use. WinX allows you to download videos from 40+ popular sites (including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion) and almost 500+sites in total. it also lets you download any quality of the video which is available by the owner which means that you are able to download a full HD 4K video if it is provided by the publisher.

It also has a video converter you can use to convert the videos you download to any other format or even change them to audio-only formats like Mp3.

3. Any Video Converter

Youtube Video Downloader
Best YouTube Video Downloaders: Any Video Converter
Built-In Video Editor Doesn’t Support batch downloading
Supports downloads from 100+ famous sites Includes additional Software when installing the app
Supports a wide range of formats

Looking Up at the name of the downloader it looks like it is just a video converter that converts videos but it’s more than that. Any Video Converter is not only one of the best Free YouTube downloader but it also allows to you download from 100+ other famous sites.

The good thing about Any Video Converter is that it also has a built-in editor. You can easily use to edit your videos like color adjustments, video cropping, and some other options.

Additionally, The bad side of this downloader is that it does not allow you to download multiple videos at a time. You have to download your favorite videos one by one or upgrade to Premium to use the feature. While installing the app make sure to exclude additional software included in the installation process.

4. ClipGrab

Youtube Video Downloader
Best YouTube Video Downloaders: ClipGrab
Has its Own Search Bar The In-App search result gives you only 12 Videos
Batch-Downloading Includes additional Software during installation
You can Set up your own Proxy Connection

Another great YouTube downloader App is ClipGrab. it allows you to download multiple videos at once with batch downloading feature. Copy the link of the video into the ClipGrab from YouTube or any other site. And simply copy that into the app and start downloading the video right after.

The point to keep in mind is that the app has adware. Just be sure to uncheck the extra software which is going to be installed on your PC.

This app has 3 main features:

  • It has a Built-in app browser that allows you to search for any videos directly on the app.
  • Clipgrab allows you to download multiple videos at once and even resume halted videos.
  • it gives you the ability to set up your own proxy connection, you can set up your own proxy settings.

5. Free YouTube Download

Youtube Video Downloader
Best YouTube Video Downloaders: Free YouTube Download
Auto-Download Feature The free version doesn’t include Video Converter
Batch Downloading option is available Premium Version is a bit Over-Priced
In-App Video Converter

Free YouTube Download is another great downloader for YouTube. This downloader is specifically designed for YouTube videos. this does not mean that it won’t download from other sites though.

Just Like the other downloader software. You just have to paste in the link of the video into the app and start downloading the video Or Don’t even do that! just let it download by itself. Free YouTube download has an option called (Auto-Download). This option simply lets the app to download the video automatically.

You can download numerous videos at a time with the batch downloading trait. A video converter is also included in the app. You can use this feature to directly convert the video into other formats like Mp4, MKV, AVI, WMV WebM, and others. This app is also available for Mac Users.

6. aTUbe Catcher

Youtube Video Downloader
Best YouTube Video Downloaders: aTUbe Catcher
Batch Download available Includes Adware during installation software
Video Conversion feature available
Good Downloading Speed

aTube Catcher is another best YouTube downloader software in 2019, the app enables batch downloading providing that you can download a lot of videos at once you just have to put all your favorite videos in the queue and you will have them downloaded in no time because aTube Catcher also has an incredible download speed when downloading videos.

The one thing we don’t like about the software is, it has adware. During installations be sure to check out for any additional software which is going to be installed within the software.

How to download YouTube Videos?

Mentioned above are the best YouTube Video Downloader we think is worth using. You can use any of the above-listed applications to download any video from YouTube for free. Below is the complete tutorial to install 4K Video Downloader and Download YouTube videos with it. This app is available for both Mac and Windows Users.

5 minutes 5 minutes.

How to download YouTube Videos on Your PC Using 4K Video Downloader?

  1. Download 4K Video Downloader

    First thing you have to do is open your computer’s browser and go to the link given above and download the application from their website. Or click here to Download 4K Video Downloader.

  2. Install 4K Video Downloader

    Next thing you want to do is to install 4K Video Downloader. Double click on the Setup file and click yes when prompted for permission.

  3. Agree to the license agreement

    You now have to agree to the end-user agreement by clicking on “I accept the terms on the license agreement” and click next.

  4. Select the install directory

    On the next page Select the directory where you want to install the app or leave it as default to install it automatically on your boot drive.

  5. Completing the installation

    Click next and Click Install to begin the installation process. Click yes again when asked for your permission and this will not take long the installation is complete in just a minute. Now just click on finish and you are done.

  6. Go to YouTube

    Open your computer’s browser and go to

  7. Look for your Favorite video

    Search for your favorite video that you want to download from YouTube and click on it to open.

  8. Copy the Video’s Link address

    Select all the video’s address by triple-clicking on the link or click on the video and press CTRL+ A. Now right-click and select Copy or press CTRL + C.

  9. Copying the link address in a different way

    You can either copy the link from the address bar on the top of the page OR simply right-click on the video and click on copy video URL.

  10. Open 4K Video Downloader

    A shortcut of the application would automatically be created on your desktop. You can go ahead an click on it to open the application. Although if you don’t have the shortcut created on your desktop, Go to start menu and search for 4K video downloader or look for it in the start list.

  11. Using the copied link

    Click on the Paste Link in the top left corner of the screen which will automatically paste the link you copied from YouTube.

  12. Select your suitable video quality

    In this menu, you can select your preferred Video format and video quality. Just click on the desired format and quality for the video.

  13. Select your video’s download location

    There is also a location button where you can select where you want the video to be downloaded. After you select the video’s location just click Download and your video will start downloading on your PC.

  14. Open your videos and enjoy

    Once your video is downloaded, you can either directly play it by right-clicking on the video and clicking on Play. OR click on the “Show in Folder” to open the directory where your videos are saved.


To sum up, Listed above are all the best YouTube Video downloader softwares I could find on the internet. I have come to know that 4K Video Downloader is the best downloader on the list which is also really easy to use in its simplistic design.

Most importantly, you have to keep in mind that Downloading YouTube Videos is against YouTube’s terms and policy. This means that YouTube does not allow you to download videos. So that you directly watch them online unless they are your own videos or you have permission from the copyright possessor.

Hope this article helped with what you were looking for. Like and share if it helped you guys. Also, visit our homepage for more content. On the other hand, don’t forget to like and follow our social media pages to be updated about latest technology, product reviews and how-tos.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about the article. If you know any other YouTube downloaders software you want us to mention in the article.

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