How to download and Install mac OS on any system!

Unlike other brands like HP, Dell or other brands Apple has his own OS (operating system) like mac OS 10.14: Mojave. Wanna download Mac OS? Here are some simple and easy ways to download Mac OS.

Basically, users faced problems like when they have downloaded Mac OS from Apple Store. The file from Apple Store downloaded is almost 22MB but the app will download the rest 6GB later with the help of Mojave app downloader.

If you are trying to download older version of mac Os? If yes than sorry this article is not for you but if you want the latest version than continue the following.

Downloading macOS

Here are some steps to follow. They are easy to follow and to perform.

  • click on “learn more”

How to reset Iphone?

  • click on “view in Mac app store”

How to screenshot on Mac

  • click on download (click on install if you already have downloaded)
  • click on continue and wait for the installation to complete

Enjoy your news OS on your mac.

If it’s your first-time using mac os then the system might feel odd. It is ok because at the starting mac looks and is completely change but you will get used to it. So keep using it and everything will start looking noraml.

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