Easy and best Pubg tips and tricks to win the game

Before starting the Pubg tips and tricks we should know the following first.

What is PUBG?

Player unknown’s battleground is one of the most dominating game in steam. The game is having four maps, where you can try different modes. The game starts with 100 players jumping from an airplane. Winner will be the person who will stand till the end.

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It is hard losing again and again. Want to win the game? Fed up of losing?

Here are some Pubg tips and tricks to win the game. these tricks are not only useful but also easy and practical to perform. Using these trick will guarantee success.

1) Landing problem: The Most obvious one is not to land on water. When the game starts the players will jump from an airplane and you can choose the spot. Why not a better spot for the better loot. Choose where to land carefully because it will be the spot where your game will start.

Pubg tips and tricks
Pubg landing

Choose spots as shown in the pictures, where more buildings are present. More building means more loots.

2) Park your vehicle: Always try to park your vehicle near any building. This will get useful in case of emergencies like blue/red zone, enemies attack or other things.

3)Canceling revive: Is it the time when you are reloading and suddenly an enemy appears in front of you? Don’t panic, instead of canceling to reload it just shoot it will get canceled. Aim at your enemy and fire the reviving will get canceled.

4)Dropping ammo: Drop your ammo on the stairs for the steps. Stay on the top floor and wait for your enemy. The auto pick will make them slow and you can hear where your enemy is. While they are busy picking up ammo or items kill them with ease.

5)Running with less sound: Hold pan and crouch to make less noise. You can even faster without any weapon you will cover 100 meters in 16 sec. Remember that at level 3 Hp you will get 2.5 and at level 4 6.2 bonus speed.

6)Under air drop: Is it the time when you get under airdrop? There is a bug when players get under the airdrop they cannot get out of it. The only solution to this problem is to ask a teammate to bring a car near you.

7)Kill an enemy without firing at him: Saw an enemy in a room? park a vehicle on the door and burst on it. Exploding off the car will kill your enemy for sure!

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8)Give problem after dying: Got knocked out? Try to get to your friend as soon as possible and hand them your loots. If reaching your teammate is an option/possible, then start throwing your weapons ammo on all over the places. They might get your weapon but they won’t be able to use it.

9)Grenade master: Pubg tips and tricks no 9 is. You have thrown your grenade and the enemy runs away from it. Hold your grenade then throw it. It will be more useful than just throwing your grenade.

grenade trowing

As shown below hold your grenade for a while and then throw it!

gifs website

10)Knockout cost: Every knockout will cost you more hp. The knockout you will be the faster your health will fall.

How does the restoration of hp works? Have a look at the chart below.

health chart Pubg
Health restoration chart of Pubg

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11)Enemy in range: Shoot only when the enemy is in your range. Don’t try your luck by firing out of rang. Firing out of range will cost you things like: ammo, your hidden spot and even the game.

12)Armor problem: An armor with low health and high level is not better than an armor with high health and low level, while in the helmet it is the opposite. A helmet of a high level having less health is better than a helmet of full health with low levels.

13)You are not a terminator: Play the game with a cool mind. Don’t rush for the kill, keep calm and tighten your spot. Playing calm and relaxed is the key to the chicken dinner.

14)keep an eye on the map: Map is the most important feature of the game. Use it as much as possible.

And this was the list for Pubg tips and tricks to win the game. Did we missed something? Any tip your know? write down in the comment box.

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