Hidden Android features you didn’t know about

Android phones have a lot of new and hidden features you have yet to know about. we have selected some features that will be very useful and handy on the basis of daily use. you might even be surprised to know that your phone has those features.

A smartphone is capable of alot of things you might not have the time to find them. These features will also give you a new experience and prove useful while using them.

Cloning your applications

The first of hidden android features on the list is a setting called App Cloner. if you guys have a phone with some of the latest android version then this app is for you.

Hidden Android Features

it gives you the ability to duplicate the applications you want pretty easily. sometimes users have many different accounts on one social network, where they want to have access to all their accounts at a time.

This feature simply allows you to clone the desired application you want and now you can access all multiple accounts at the same time by just switching to the clone app and you don’t have to log out of your account or remember all your passwords.

You don’t have the latest Android version on your phone? don’t worry we got you covered.
you can download applications that can also clone the desired application for you. we have made a list of the apps that you can use by simply downloading from the play store.

Top 5 Smartphones

  • App Cloner
  • Parallel Space
  • Dual Space
  • Double space
  • Double app
  • Multiple accounts
  • App clone

Screen Pinning or Pin Windows

Sometimes when giving your phone to a friend or a co-worker, people feel uncomfortable that they might go through your private files or read your messages or check your email.

this features allows you to simply pin the user to a specific app that they are using and will not be able to switch between apps.

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android features you didn’t know about

To enable this option, go to your phone Settings
Look for Security Tab or it may be written as lock screen and Security on Samsung Phones. (On Samsung Phones it is included in Other security Settings)
Now check for Screen Pinning or Pin Windows and enable it.

Using Offline maps

Hidden Android Features

This is a cool feature for the people who travel a lot. you will find this option very useful. Using the mobile internet is really expensive to use. so you can download those maps to be used offline so that you won’t get lost. just turn off your mobile data and leave your GPS on, your location will still be marked on the map using satellite.

Using your phone as Scanner

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android features you didn’t know about

Sometimes we get stuck somewhere and need to quickly scan something which has to be sent ungently.

did you know that you can use your phone when you don’t have a scanner close by? or you are on a train or something and don’t have access to a scanner? then this is a handy tool for you.

You can simply scan any document on your phone using your smartphone’s Camera.

Check out the list of Top 5 Smartphones

Some of the apps you can use as a scanner is listed below:

  1. Clear Scanner
  2. Adobe Scan
  3. Office lens
  4. Cam Scanner
  5. Top Scanner
  6. Simple Scan

Turning off Mobile Hotspot Automatically

This is a really handy tool for the people who always keep forgetting to turn on their Mobile hotspot off even when no device is connected to it which in the result drains your phone battery real fast.

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android features you didn’t know about
  • To do this simply go to settings.
  • Go to Wifi and Internet settings and go to Hotspot and Tethering
  • Now enable the option shown as Turn Off Hotspot automatically.

Note: Not all android phones don’t have this option but some android phones have another option instead called Time out Settings which pretty much does the same but instead of automatically turning off hotspot you have to set the timer for the Hotspot to turn itself off.

Using Personal Dictionary

Did you know that you can use your own set of words to be added to your keyboard to use and don’t have to type the complete sentence to get it or if you frequently type the same sentences over and over again then you can use this feature to create text shortcuts to have them saved.

For example if you want to type in your address you can just put a short cut for it and type the shortcut to get the full address typed in.

Hidden Android Features
  • To use this feature go to your phone Settings
  • Look for Language & input
  • In language & input settings click on Personal Dictionary.
  • Now you can add your desired shortcuts.

Using Dark Mode

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android features you didn’t know about

Using the dark mode on your phone will save you a huge amount of battery enabling dark mode is different in most android phones. some android phones give you the ability to enable dark mode for the complete theme of the phone which means everything will have a black background instead, giving you more battery percentage.

While some phones allows you to tweak different application to enable dark mode such as messages.

But if normally if the option is available on your phone then you can find it by going to the Phone Settings then tapping onto Display and scroll down to device theme and choose Dark.

You can also download dark themes from the theme store on your phone if you don’t have the setting or the theme pre-installed.

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