How to increase views on YouTube?

It happens most of the time when you have a YouTube channel but still, you are not getting any views. While only one question is just stuck in our mind. How can I increase views on Youtube? And many other questions like “I am working hard still I can’t get more views?”. Don’t get depressed! Here are some basic and useful tips to increase views on YouTube. 


The key point to increase views on Youtube is “keywords”. Videos are named after they are uploaded. Use specific words to name your video after uploading. The more accurate the name the easier it gets for the viewer to find it.  

In the search engine if we have typed GTA so it means we need video about GTA or related videos about GTA. Which means try to name them accurately. And try to use words which are common and mostly used by the viewers. So focus on your keywords and dont mess with them up.

Promote your videos

Yeah, this looks silly but it is not. If it is possible, promote your video cause it will advertise your channel and your thoughts. There is a channel on Youtube named “Tai Lopez”. He promotes his contents so much and he is getting a very good fan base quickly. The reason is simple he advertises it and people like his contents and watch his other videos, in the end, he gets more subscribers.

Try harder

As they say “practice makes a man perfect”. Try more and more and you will get better and better in things you are doing. As the content gets better the views gets more and more. So keep trying and you will succeed.

Improve Equipment

That’s right! Improving your equipment’s like your camera, microphone, stage and so you can make your videos more attractive and can increase views on Youtube easily.

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Get Audience

Fixing your audience means targeting fixed people to watch your videos.

Audience is one of the most important part of earning money. Audience means views and views means you are earning. So try to have a very vast group of people connected to which who are interested in things you want to show them. If you’re having a million subscribers, so each time you upload a video 1 million people gets notification that you have uploaded a video.

Most of the newbie doesn’t understand that for earning money they should make a reputation and credibility, before earning money form their videos. To get a good amount of audience following steps will be quite useful to you.

1.Have a fixed channel

Have a specific Channel on what kind of contents you are trying to make. Like if you are good at making videos about roasting so make it a roasting channel don’t try to fit yourself in every category. The more categories you will be involved, more tired and out of ideas, you will be.


Start interacting with your fans. Start answering them on the comment section, try to make content they like, make them feel special because everyone likes to feel special. Meeting your fans can please you and your fans. Your bonds will get stronger and they will attract more fans towards your channel. use tools of socail media like intagram,facebok to communincate with your fans.

3.Uploading time

Try to upload on regular basis. The more you will be active the more fans will like it. Be active! Post daily if it is possible. If daily posts are not possible then try weekly but keep in mind posting a lot of contents doesn’t mean you are going in the correct path. With quantity, the quality should not fade away.

4.Focus on name

Remember the name is also one of the most important part. Try to make it as short and easy as possible. Using numbers or hard vocabularies can make your viewer hard to suggest other or remember by themselves. Using slangs as names or easy words can make it work well.

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