How To Make Money On Youtube? Online

How to make money on YouTube? One of the most common questions we are having. We have heard people earning massively form YouTube. People like Pewdiepie, Dude perfect and Logan Paul are earning about 15.5$ to 20$ million dollars. But the question is how do they earn through YouTube? Like Google, Facebook there are also ways to make money on youtube. It is getting a big platform for many people to make a living through YouTube income. There are many ways to earn on YouTube. Like AdSense, views are the ways to earn through YouTube.

For being a YouTuber no degree or qualification is needed. The only thing it wants is just your dedication, passion, and hard work. If you keep persistent, soon you will get the result.

1) create an account on YouTube

The first step of earning from youtube is to create an account. Remember a name is the most important part. Try to make it as short and easy as possible if you want to create a channel. Using numbers or hard words can make your viewer hard to suggest others or remember by themselves.

The first step of earning money form Youtube is to create a youtube account. To create youtube account follow the steps.

step 1: Go to Youtube home page

create youtube account

Or your write on in the url “”.

step 2: Click on sign in.

step 3: Click on create an account.

step 4: Fill the blanks in the boxes.

step 5: click on next

Your account is created. Always remember that the important part is the name. Try to make your account name simple and easy. Don’t try to complicate your name with difficult words and numbers. After the completion of your account, now its time for the real deal. You have to start making content.

2) Create Content

What is the content? The content is the experience, information, and thoughts you share towards your audience. Content can be shared through different mediums like video, audio, pictures, written, etc. In short, make something that your viewers or audience could understand what you are trying to say or what you are telling them. Always try to use an easy and simple sentence to convey your message to your audience.

The starting videos will be very low in quality and each and everything. You have to remember that practice makes it better. Keep making contents and soon you will realize how good you have become. So, never lose hope just keep trying again and again.

You should start creating contents. Your contents should be based upon the topics you are interested in. Always keep your contents up to date and interesting. Try to have fixed content categories. For example, if you are making a channel about tech reviews. Then don’t try to fit any other content from other categories like sports, music and so on.

 Remember that a happy viewer means a happy source of income. So try to engage with them as much as possible. Always give feedback on their comment and try to cover what they want from you. Have an uploading schedule and always stick to that schedule. And try to gain as much audience as possible. To learn how to increase views and audience on youtube click here.

3) Monetize your video

Now you got some audiences, you should apply to monetize your videos. Remember, your videos should not be other users property or else copyright policy will be applied and your videos will be deleted.
Step 1) Open YouTube go to your Channel.
Step 2) Click on Your profile and select Creator Studio.
Step 3) On the left find Other Features > Status and Features.
Step 4) Now Click on enable Monetization.

4) Meet the requirements

The minimum requirement for a monetized channel is to accept Youtube partner program(qualification) and threshold. Some of which are:

  1. A channel should have 4000 watch hour in the last 12 months.
  2. It also requires to have 1000 subscribers in a year.

5) Set for google ad sense

Now you are set to apply for google ad sense. With Google ad sense you put ads on your videos and earn money. The ads can be skip-able or non-skip able. You can charge from your ads and as well as views on your video. You will need either a pay-pal or bank account so the amount should be transferred to.

summary of article

To start earning from youtube you have to be dedicated and persistent. You can make a living with youtube income. Make an account, create contents. Meet the requirements and apply for ad sense and you are done. Earning online is easy as you have never seen before. There are also ways like to earn from google. Click here to learn.

And this was the article on “how to make money on youtube”. Tell us hwat have we missed in comment section.

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