How to reset iPhone or iPad easy and simple tricks

Problems, like freezing, crashing or not working of an application( sometimes even entire phone), can make your day worse than hell. You just can’t wait for your phone to go out of juice. Fixing problems like freezing, crashing or any application who is not working can be solved easily by a hard reset or soft reset. Reset in iPhones or iPad can solve problems like crashing or even lagging.

There is no need to go to the factory setting and do all the works. Even tho, if you reset and all other things from factory setting but for now you don’t need to do that. Just follow the steps and your work is done without even knowing it. These steps will not only fix your phone but will also save much of your time.

Soft-Reset(restart) iPhone or iPad

A problem like the simple crashing of an app or freezing can be simply solved with a restart(soft reset). To do the soft reset on your iPhone follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Press and hold the power/sleep button until the slide to power off slider comes.

(Earlier from iPhone 6 the power button was on the top. The newer version of iPhone’s are having the power button on the side)

Step 2: Swipe the slider and the screen will turn into black

Soon an Apple icon will appear on the screen and the phone will shut down.

Step 3: press and hold the power button again to turn it on.

Slide to power off

There you go your job is done by a few clicks no hard work or anything. But still, if the job you wanted to do is not done then don’t worry. Just scroll down there are plenty other ways to do the things.

Reset iPhone series

All the iPhone are the same but when it comes to resetting it. It is a little bit change to one and other. The change differs from version to version.

How to reset iPhone x

You can reset iPhone 8,X,X max or earlier version by following steps below.

Step 1: Press volume up
Step 2: Now release the volume up button and press volume down button
Step 3: Hold the power button for a while

How to reset iPhone 7?

Resetting of iPhone 7 as compared to other devices is a little bit change. The device is having minor changes to reset the device. Follow the instruction below.

Step 1: Press volume down and power button for a while
Step 2: The slider will pop out. Swipe left the slider.

How to reset iPhone 6s or earlier?

To reset iPhone 6 or earlier. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the power and home button
Step 2: The slider will pop out. Swipe left the slider.

The shut down feature

New iPhone has a shutdown button in its setting. Yes, you heard it right. You can shut down your i phone without using your power button. To turn off your iPhone please follow the instructions.

Step 1: Open your setting

Step 2: Go to General

Step 3: Click on Shut down

The option instructed above is available only on IOS 11 or above. If you are using versions before IOS 11 then this might be useless for you. However, there is another option that doesn’t require ios 11 or above. You can use that option on any iPhone you want.

Using Assistive tool to restart (soft-reset)

Using assistivetool to reset iPhone

The assistive tool is very helpful for users. You can use your assistive tool on your iPhone to turn it off. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Click on Assistive tool

If you have not enabled your assistive tool go to setting> accessibility> assistant touch> enable it .

Step 2: Click on device

Step 2: Hold the Lock button

Holding the lock button will turn off your phone. The lock button will power off your iPhone like your power button.

How to screen shot on mac?

Hard reset iPhone or iPad

Hard reset means to go to factory setting and bring the changes we want. Like we can rest our phone, delete files, reboot the phone, etc. However, try to have a back up before applying the procedure. Cause there is a chance of losing files in this method.

Hard reset iPhone and iPad
Steps to hard reset iPhone

Step 1: Press and hold the volume up button for few seconds and release it.

Step 2: Press and hold the volume down button for few seconds and release it.

Step 3: Hold the power button until the screen turns black.

Using DFU mode on the iPhone or iPad

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update. This mode will allow you to interact with your phone without the loading of the OP of your phone. With DFU mode you can easily delete or download any application, games, pictures, and videos.

using DFU mode to rest iPhone or iPad
using DFU mode to rest iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer

Step 2: Perform force shutdown (soft reset) as shown above

Step 3: Press the power button after the shutdown

Step 4: Release power button and hold volume button

Soon a notification will appear on your desktop/laptop screen (iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode). This is the sign we want for hard rest of our iPhone.

Step 5: Click OK

After clicking ok you can rest you phone, add or remove applications and media.

Why/when DFU mode should be used?

If none of them both soft reset or hard reset doesn’t work, then connect your phone with your computer and reinstall the operating system. You can reinstall the operating system with the help of your computer by using the DFU mode.

How to reinstall IOS on my iPhone?

Step 1: Got to properties

Step 2: Open General

Step 3: Open Reset

Step 4: Choose erase phone and all settings

Step 5: Click on Erase phone

Reinstalling your operating system will cause problems like erasing data, setting, and applications. So have a back up before reinstalling your IOS on your iPhone.

You can restore a back up from iCloud or iTunes if you have uploaded your data before. So try to upload your data to iCloud and iTunes before trying hard rest or DFU mode. So, what do you think we have missed? Was there any kind of mistake? If yes, please write it down in the comment section. We will appreciate it.

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