Huawei Harmony OS – The Game changer

Huawei Harmony OS
Huawei Harmony OS

Huawei had a plan B from past 10years ago. The company planned for a new OS to help protect its global smartphone business. And from the US-China trade war, we see Huawei made a smart move. However which is risky for Huawei. The Chinese company recently released its own operating system, called Harmony OS. Huawei Harmony OS can, in theory, be used to replace Google’s Android in Huawei’s smartphones and other devices.

Ten years ago Huawei imagined the future with the seamless operating system and now it’s happening. According to CEO of Huawei said in an Interview

“Harmony OS is completely different from Android & iOS.”

Huawei Harmony OS is a micro Kernel-based distributed OS that delivers the smoothest experience across all the devices. Harmony OS can easily be adapted to various things very easily and also has a secure architecture. Developers can easily develop an app for the software because once they develop the app they can easily deploy them across a different range of devices.

According to Huawei

”Harmony OS is a lightweight, compact operating system with powerful functionality, and it will first be used for smart devices like smartwatches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, and smart speakers. Through this implementation, Huawei aims to establish an integrated and shared ecosystem across devices, create a secure and reliable runtime environment, and deliver a holistic intelligent experience across every interaction with every device.”

Huawei OS can be used with not only Phones but also works with almost every Smart devices. Huawei is implementing Harmony OS as an Open-source Project. Harmony OS can be a huge competitor to Android.

Huawei can have a huge advantage if the other Chinese companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, and other companies started using Harmony OS, this can be an alarming situation for Android.

Harmony OS Features:

There are 4 main distinguishing features of Harmony OS mentioned in the latest Huawei Developers conference.

  1. The first of all is the Seamless experience across all the devices. Because Harmony OS can be built for so many different devices it can be seamlessly connected.
  2. The next one is the smoothness and High performance. According to sources Harmony OS could be around 40%-60% faster than Android. Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei once that HarmonyOS will be most likely to be faster than other OS operating.
  3. The 3rd main technical feature mentioned is security. Thanks to MicroKernel architecture Harmony OS will come with enhancing security and low latency. The MicroKernel is designed to simplify kernel functions. Its gonna implement as many system services as possible in the user mode outside the kernel hence adding mutual security protection. It also uses something called formal verification method to reshape its security.
  4. The last is the Unified System Harmony OS is set to be powered by multiple devices IDE. That allows the app developers to develop applications just one time for Harmony OS. They can Implement that application across all the other devices.

The Harmony OS is using Huawei’s ARK Compiler which is the first static compiler that can perform on par with Android’s virtual machine, enabling developers to compile a broad range of advanced languages into machine code in a single, unified environment. Huawei Ark Compiler can help developers greatly improve their productivity. The version 1.0 of the Harmony OS will come this year. According to recent news, Huawei Mate 30light could be the first Phone to have Harmony OS. It will be released specifically in China in the start. Huawei can release Software Globally later.

The First Device with Huawei Harmony OS

Honor Vision Smart-TV
Honor Vision Smart-TV

In the Developers Conference Huawei also announced its first device to run Harmony OS, Honor Vision Smart-TV. This TV includes a 55-inch, 4K display. Honor Vision features an in-house and distributed system. It can also be used as a smart home hub.

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