Download And Install Mac OS Catalina Beta Version

Recently Mac announced their latest version of Operating system called Mac OS Catalina. However, Catalina has bought some new changes which are quite amazing. So, Should you Upgrade to the new Mac OS Catalina? Or is the new Mac OS Catalina really good that you might want to Upgrade from your previously installed operating system?

With the release of the New Mac OS Catalina coming closer, everyone is talking about it. Although The full version of the operating system will not be unveiled until falls, Here are some new features which are added to it that might catch your attention. However, developers can have access to beta version right now and may cost up to 100$. Not only developers but everyone can download and install Mac OS Catalina on their device.

Features that have been included in the new Mac OS Catalina:

With the new Mac OS to be released publicly until falls this year, we have listed some of the new features that comes in pretty handy and useful. Mac Os Catalina has got some new changes that might get you both surprised and shocked at the same time. You can read the list below to find out about the new features that are to be included in the MacOs Catalina.

1) Connect your iPad as a second Screen

connect your iPad

Now can connect your iPad to your mac as the second screen. This feature will be helpful for those who are marking PDFs, or illustrator. Cause iPad is more like a notebook where you can easily work on it, especially if you have a pencil. Just connect your tablet with your mac and start drawing, sketching and more. This is also known as the sidecar, which will help you to use the touch screen of the iPad on your mac.

This is great news for most of those illustrators or users who love the dual screen. The greatest thing about this feature is that it allows the third party apps like adobe Photoshop and more. The only bad thing about this is that unfortunately, this feature is still not available in the beta version.

2) You can now talk to your Mac

Now you can control your whole mac by just speaking with it. This accessibility feature will help to control your entire machine without any motor control. It’s not limited to the internet’s search engine or just to read your mail. Now, you can easily do things like change setting, install apps, and even read the information on your screen.

3) Say Goodbye to iTunes

It is time to say goodbye to iTunes. The latest version of mac and ISO changed the audio/music section completely. They have deleted iTunes completely and replaced it with three other apps named as podcast, music, and TV. Don’t fear your music won’t disappear it just change its categories and you will find them separate. All your music will be found through Finder and you can play it more easily. You can stream about 50 million songs, and discover new artist and tracks. Find or create the perfect playlist for your self and even friends.

Apple has divided the iTunes just because it was to mainstream and heavy. The features like sync with multimedia and more had made heavy and slow while these apps have clean, modern and not streaming for users. With new features, you are able to drag and drop different multimedia from one iPad/iPhone to others.
As the name suggests podcast is used for podcasting and music is used for listening to Music. More than 700,000 of the best comedy, news, sports, and even romance are available on macOS Catalina’s podcast. you can get notified by subscribing the channels.

The Apple TV will help you to stream high-quality videos up to 4k. The Apple TV can also stream channels like HBO and more. You can also save your contents form your favorite channel in Apple TV.

4) Improved Security Updates

Now you can find your mac after being stolen even if the phone is offline. The new Apple products will use secure Bluetooth beacon technology which will send message to nearby mac his location. And the locations will be anonymously sent to your phone or mac.

5) A more comfortable User-interface

Apple has made more like a straight forward user-interface this time. They have added some simple but useful feature where you can customize them and use them.

  • You can now block unwanted email addresses, with this feature you won’t be getting any emails from the blocked addresses.
  • screen time is available in mac which will help you to give information on which much time you have used on any app or the most used app.

6) Connecting your iPhone

connecting your iphone

Apple has made it cleaner this time by connecting your iPhone to your mac. In new Catalina, when you connect your phone to your mac. You will not find any kind of pop-up windows. It is quite clean this time, you have to find and open your connected phone to transfer your files.

MacOS Catalina VS Mojave

If you want to install MacOS Catalina then scroll down and follow the steps to install MacOS Catalina beta version But if you are still not satisfied, here is a quick comparison between the MacOS Catalina and Mojave. The comparison is made simple, short and in easy words to make it easier for comparing the two Operating systems.

macOS Catalina


  1. As we all know, Mac OS Catalina has just been introduced and the new release has brought some new features like automatically choosing between the dark and light mode. The new Catalina has the option of enabling to dark and light mode without toggling in the option. New Catalina will do this job on its own.
  2. Having a second screen on your mac is not big deal at all but having a second screen where you can work or customize your things… And this is a good reason to change to MacOS Catalina if you want to increase your workstation. However, when it comes to desktop organization MacOS Catalina can’t compete in this race. In MacOS Mojave, you can easily stack your files like the screenshot in a single folder by using Desktop Stacks.
  3. This is also a way for developers to be in ISO apple market. Latest MacOS Catalina has opened the doors for the developers to upload the third-party app on the ISO market. But when it comes to pictures Catalina is way ahead of the Mojave. In Catalina, you can manage your pictures and organize them without any duplicate or clutter.
  4. In the gallery, Apple has more organized ways to make you more satisfied. You can make a note and change them into thumbnails to drag and drop them.
  5. MacOS Catalina will give you more accessibility to control your mac by voice. While in old MacOS Mojave you cannot say the same.
  6. You can easily find your stolen mac if you are using Catalina. In MacOS Catalina, you can find your stolen or forgotten mac by getting notification from your mac. The task is simple if you lose your mac it will send its location to any apple product near and through that apple product the location will be sent anonymously. But in Mojave, you don’t have that much grip on your mac.
  7. Talking of grip, iTunes will also be out of your grip soon. The Catalina version of MacOS will remove iTunes from its system. Which will make easier and faster for the users to use the apps.

Will I be able to run MacOs Catalina on my Mac?

Luckily Apple has a broad list of its products where you can install The new MacOS Catalina. Here is a list of Products where you can run Catalina on it.

  1. MacBook (early 2015 or later)
  2. MacBook Air (mid 2012 or later)
  3. Pro MacBook (mid 2012 or later)
  4. Mac mini (late 2012 or later)
  5. iMac (late 2012 or later)
  6. iMac Pro (all models)
  7. Mac Pro (late 2013 or later)

How to install the macOS Catalina?

Grab your mac and let’s install your macOS Catalina on your mac. Before installing the macOS Catalina beta version, make sure you have done the following.

  • Be sure that you have a full backup of your files in case the get deleted.
  • Make sure your device’s charger is plugged in or your device is fully charged just because you don’t want your device to shutdown in the middle of the installation.

How to Download and install Mac OS Catalina:

  1. Be part of Apple Beta Software program

    For downloading Mac OS Catalina you will have to join the Apple Beta Software program first.

  2. Download Mac OS Catalina

    Next thing you must do is just sign in with your Apple ID with which you had sign up for the Apple Beta Software program earlier and select the download button from the menu. Now look for MacOS 10.15 Catalina Beta 1. and download it.

Once The download is complete, follow the following steps.

install macOS Catalina beta version step1

1. Open the downloaded file and click on “Continue”.

install macOS Catalina beta version step 2

2. You will have to agree to the license agreement by clicking on “Agree”.

install macOS Catalina beta version step 3

3. Next thing is to click on Install to start the installation process.

install macOS Catalina beta version step 4

4. Once the installation is complete, You will have to use your Password.

install macOS Catalina beta version step 5

5. Last thing to do is go ahead and check for any updates if you got any which in most cases you won’t.

install macOS Catalina beta version step 6

6. After the update, The job is done. You have successfully installed macOS Catalina onto your computer. This new operating system is quite fast and you can now enjoy having one of the best operating systems available although keep in mind that the full version of the Mac OS Catalina is yet to be released.

If you are using an older computer which you cannot upgrade to Mac OS Catalina we also got you covered go ahead and read the article we have mentioned on How to Speed up your Mac.

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