How to Optimize your computer? Easy and simple steps

Is your computer running slow? Optimize your computer with these simple and easy steps.

These steps will make your computer faster and smoother. There is no need to download any file, app or to add any extra drives to optimize your computer. Just follow the following steps and you will observe the changes.
To optimize your computer by just following these steps and it will help you to get rid of the slow computer and will make it a brand new.

Reboot it

Lets start will the most simple one. Rebooting your computer can make it run faster. If your computer is running slow, try to reboot it instead of sleep or hibernate.

Remove utilities

Removing Utilities like spyware, malware, and adware. Utilities like these can make your computer slow tremendously. To remove utilities like these install apps Malwarebytes.

Malware bytes will help you to delete all utilities you want to delete from your computer. Wanna know how to install Malwarebytes?<–click here

Partition of windows without losing any file

Uninstall useless apps

Uninstall useless apps on your computer. Uninstalling useless apps can make your computer run faster. Of course, a computer with fewer applications or programs runs faster as compared to computer handling many programs.

  • To uninstall unwanted apps go to control panel
  • choose programs and features
  • click on the program and uninstall it

Change performance

You can change computers performance by disabling visual effects. Effects like a slide, animations etc can make your computer slow, disable them to optimize your computer. Turn off all the visual slides, animations, and other Windows-specific features. You can disable all the features you don’t want to use or dont need to use.

change performance

Change battery setting

Change your battery setting to high performance from balance or low if you are having a laptop. Increase the consumption of energy for the better performance.

startup apps

Limit your startup apps. Programs which starts whenever your computer is turned on can make your computer slow.

startup apps

Run check now

ALways run your drives for errors. Damaged file or drive can realy slow down your computer. Check time to time for the errrors.


Click on “optimize” under the check now and for access faster.


Note it down that these steps or tricks are useful cannot be used for the long run. Because everything has an end. So as your computer.

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