How to Partition windows 10 without losing your files

How to Partition Windows
How to partition windows 10 without losing your data?

Have you bought a new hard drive and want to partition it into separate multiple drives so that you can manage your files better?

Or do you want to partition your old hard drive so that you can save all your personal data into another drive that if anything happens to your Boot Drive you would still be able to access your personal files?

Its not always wise to buy new hard drive so that you could manage your files better. you can simply partition your existing hard drive into multiple drives.

Windows Disk Management

Using Windows Disk Management is the easiest way to partition your hard drive and not lose any of your data. there are also a few third-party applications you can use to partition your hard drive but I would recommend using Windows Disk Management as it is both easy and simple to do so. although some of the third-party applications may have better features.

Listed below are the steps you should follow to Partition your Hard Drive:

  • Click on the windows button on your screen and search for “Disk Management” and then select “Create and Format hard disk Partitions“.
How to Partition Windows

If you are using an existing old drive then look for the drive you want to shrink and separate into multiple drives. If you are using a new drive then skip the next two Steps.

  • Now right click on the drive you want to shrink and select “Shrink Volume
How to Partition Windows

Note: If you are using a new hard drive look for “Unallocated Space” and skip the following step to the next one.

  • Windows will now calculate the amount of the drive you can shrink into another drive. if you are shrinking to make one more drive then select Shrink and it will shrink all the available space into Unallocated Space. but if you want to have multiple drives then you can input the desired Volume in the box in Megabytes.

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Windows will now shrink the drive and the process might take some time depending on the speed of your computer. You will now have an Unallocated space next to the drive.

  • Now Right Click on “Unallocated Space” from the Menu and select ” New Simple Volume
How to Partition Windows
  • You can now select the size of the drive, the default volume will use all the unallocated space available into one new drive.
  • By clicking next select the Letter or choose the default and choose next, here you can choose to format the new drive or just create a new one. but I would recommend selecting the format option from the settings. you can also name the drive as whatever you want to.
How to Partition Windows
  • By clicking next and then finish, you will now have a new drive created for yourself that you can use.

There are also some third party applications that do the same work. we didn’t want to talk about them here so we just listed the names and their download links below:

  1. EaseUS partition master free
  2. Mini tool partition wizard free
  3. Paragon Partition Manager
  4. AOMEI partition assistant

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