Samsung Galaxy S11 Specifications, price, Release date, and latest news

Now’s the time for some Samsung news. There are a lot of rumors spinning around for a while now for Samsung’s next flagship phone of the year 2020. The rumors are mostly swinging around the new phone’s design and Camera. it is believed to have some new exciting features if true, will take the smartphone to the next level.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date:

Samsung Galaxy s11 is expected to be released in late February 2020. As Samsung galaxy, S10 was released on 20 February and then put on sale in early March and we expect it to be the same with the S11. A possible launch date of February 18, 2020, has been mentioned but is not from Samsung themselves.

Galaxy S11 Price:

The prices for the S11 phones have not been known to us yet. But looking at the previous flagship phones by Samsung, we would expect similar prices for the S11. The Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e were released with prices of $899, $999, and $749 respectively. However, there is another catch that might change the whole price of the phone which is the 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S11’s Camera could be a game-changer!

Samsung galaxy S11
Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumors and leaks

One of the latest rumors suggests that Galaxy S11 will have a 5x optical zoom along with a whopping 108MP camera. with the galaxy note 10’s being overwhelmed by other Brands, this is more likely to happen and we might get one of the best cameras on a smartphone with the Galaxy S11. Samsung has also revealed its 108MP camera in partnership with Xiaomi in August.

The under-display camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy S11?

Samsung Galaxy S11 could be Notchless
Samsung Galaxy S11 Could be notchless

How exciting could it get it the new Samsung Galaxy S11 could have the under-display camera setup right? with Xiaomi and Oppo already working on an under-display camera already. Xiaomi Vice president Wang Xiang further posted a few pictures explaining how the under-display camera really works.

Xiaomi claims that the camera is placed on top of the screen as it is on every other smartphone. But instead of putting a notch around the hole or cutting a hole in the screen. The camera is covered with some kind of “special-low-reflective glass with high transmittance.” But according to rumors from one of the most accurate leakers around the new Galaxy S11 won’t have an under-display camera setup.

No headphone-Jack and USB-C?

No Headphone Jack on Samsung Galaxy S11

The new Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to have no headphone jack and go with a USB-C. So you might have to go for a wireless dongle instead. And speaking of Galaxy S10 and 10 Plus ditching the headphone jack nearly makes it certain that there won’t be a headphone jack.

other rumors also include improved fingerprint sensors, the phone is also expected to be a little taller than before, faster charging, a 90Hz display and wireless power-sharing.

This is all the news we have yet gotten but we will keep you updated with the latest leaks, rumors or and official announcements in the future.

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