How to Speed up Windows 10 Performance

Speed up Windows 10

Tips and tricks to Speed up Windows 10 Performance

Windows 10 is a very powerful Operating system built by Microsoft which has a lot of new and good features. Of course, Using Windows 10 needs a bit of a better hardware.

Do you still find your computer Slower while having a good hardware too? Here are a few tips we have listed below that you can use to speed up Windows 10 Performance right away. Some of the tips also work for those who want to have a better gaming experience.

1.Start-Up Apps

Some of the applications are coded in a way to instruct windows to run them as soon as your computer is turned on or you’re logged in to your Windows, Which eventually slows down your computer’s Performance.

  • To Check for Start-Up Apps go to Task Manager by clicking on the Taskbar and choosing Task Manager or by Pressing (Ctrl+Alt+Del).
  • click on the start-up Tab. Now Choose the applications you don’t want to start everytime you log into your computer and Disable them.

Tips To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

Note: There is a Start-Up impact tab on the right you can use to see which apps have more impact on Windows.

2. Remove Unwanted Softwares

Most of the time people install 3rd party applications that are not Useful for them. Or sometimes install an application for a specific purpose which is used only a few times and no more. There are also Apps that come pre-installed with your Computer that you don’t use.

These applications take up some space on your computer and can slow down your computer’s performance, In order to speed up Windows 10 performance, Uninstalling these applications are advised.

Speed up Windows 10

  • To Remove unwanted software go to Control Panel ⇒ Programs ⇒ Programs and Features.
  • Right click on the applications you don’t want and click uninstall.
  • The windows system will ask for your Approval of removing the software.
  • Click yes to continue and you are done uninstalling.

3. Tweaking Performance Options (Appearance/ Special Effects)

Windows 10 is optimized for the best Appearance by default and sometimes which can cause your system to slow down sooner or later. You can change these setting to set them to Optimize for best Performance rather than Appearance.

Speed up Windows 10

Tips and tricks to Speed up Windows 10 Performance

  • To Optimize for better performance, Click on the Windows Button and search for System.
  • click on Advanced System Settings from the four options you can see on the left.
  • Click on Settings in the Advanced tab that has been Opened.
  • it is automatically set to Adjust for best appearance, change it to Adjust for best performance.
  • You can also Select Custom where you can choose your own settings of what to keep and what options to remove.
  • I personally prefer Keeping Save taskbar thumbnail Previews, show thumbnails instead of icons and smooth edges of screen fonts.
  • This setting won’t help you in having better performance in games.

4. Run Disk Clean up

Disk Clean up is a Windows 10 Built-in Feature that proves to be very useful to most users. It scans your system files and looks for temporarily stored files like Downloaded Program files, Temporary internet files and thumbnails etc.

Speed up Windows 10

  •  In order to use Disc Clean up, Go to My Computer and right-click on C Drive (the drive where Windows is installed) and choose Properties. OR click on the windows button and search for Disc Clean up.
  • After the scan is complete, Choose Clean up system files.
  • It scans the system again and may find some more files that you can remove.
  • Mark the files you want to remove from your Computer.
  • By clicking OK it will ask for your permission to delete those files.
  • Choose delete files to remove those files permanently.

Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

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5. Change Power Options

Another way to Speed up Windows 10 performance is Changing the Power Options. This option by default is selected as Power saver Plan or Balanced For some Computers.

Keep in mind not to use a power saver plan for your computer if you want maximum performance and choose the best performance plan instead. This option is also Very useful For Better Gaming, this option works on most computers.

Speed up Windows 10

  • Go to Control Panel and Select Hardware and Sound.
  • Under Power Options click on Change Battery Settings.
  • Choose High-Performance from the options given below.
  • if you don’t see the High performance plan, you can create your own Custom High-Performance Plan by clicking on Create a Power Plan on the Options given on the left side.

6. Using Solid State Drive (SSD) To speed up Windows 10 Performance

Tips to Speed up Windows 10 PerformanceTips to Speed up Windows 10 Performance

Instead of using the old hard drives for your computer, You can now upgrade to a much more faster drive called Solid-state Drive. When using an SSD instead of your old hard drive, you can see a huge difference in performance. they allow computers to have faster access and writing speed.

It sure is more expensive than the old mechanical hard drives but we think its worth it to upgrade to SSD for a far better performance. You can buy them from Amazon right away.

Just don’t forget to back up your files before changing to your new SSD drive so that you won’t lose your files.

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